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Aaron Donald Wife, Kids, Family Height and Weight, And Much More!

Aaron Donald wife Erica

Aaron Donald is a well-known American footballer. He plays for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League NFL. He is one of the best defensive players in the game today. Aaron started his journey as a college and university player and was then selected to play professionally. He has millions of fans who are in love with his defensive skills and want to know more about his personal life, such as who is Aaron Donald wife and what about the kids, family, net worth, etc.

Aaron Donald Wife

Aaron Donald is married to Erica Sherman, a woman with a professional career in the marketing sector. The couple had dated for a few years before getting married last year. After marriage, the couple decided to live their life privately; that is why there is not much information about their couple and family.

But they seem happy together, and we hope their relationship lasts long.

Birthdate and Age

Aaron was born on the 23rd of May 1991 in Pittsburgh. Right now, Aaron is 31 years old.

Full Name

Aaron’s full name is Aaron Charles Donald

Height & Weight

Aaron’s height is 6 feet 1 inch, equal to 1.85 meters. He is a tall man with a great body and good looks. His weight is 127kg which is equal to 280lbs. The footballer is a fitness addict; he exercises daily, takes care of his body, eats well and follows his healthy routine. That is why he is performing so well on the field.

Aaron Donald Wife

Aaron Donald’s Zodiac Sign

According to birthdate, his zodiac sign is Geminis, which suggest he is a soft-spoken guy who loves everything around him.

Geminis are known for their outgoing personalities and their love for socializing. They are often very friendly, curious, and talkative but can be a bit shy when meeting new people.

While they like being around people and talking, they are not the kind who likes to go out on dates. They also hate small talk; instead, you might find them listening to music or reading in their own bubble.

This can make them seem aloof, but in reality, it’s just because they don’t like superficial conversations. They tend to be more focused on what matters to them, which is why they might sometimes seem distant.

Early Life and Education

Aaron was born and brought up in Pittsburgh. He has spent his childhood and teenage days with his parents. Aaron’s father introduced him to workouts and exercises at a very young age. He and his father used to wake up at 4:30 am, and they had a routine to work out in their house’s basement, where his father had installed a mini gym. Aaron used to do a workout regularly because he loved it.

He got his education from the Penn Hills High School, where he started to play football. When he joined his high school football team, he started playing with a lot of passion and energy. Due to his amazing playing skills, he got many awards in his school career.

After graduating from high school, he got many scholarships from different universities, and he chose the University of Pittsburgh, where he played as a defensive player for the Panthers; after that, his successful pro journey started.

His popularity has led people to look for more information on the personal side of him. Questions such as who is Aaron Donald wife come up frequently.

Family and Parents

Aaron’s father, Archie Donald, was a former football player; his dream was to be selected by an NFL team, but he had to retire early due to injuries. But he supported his son Aaron’s dream and worked with him. He started training Aaron more seriously at the age of 12. Aaron’s Mother, Anita Goggins, is a housewife.

Aaron’s Love Life

Aaron had a serious relationship with Jaelynn Blakey; both were high school couples; the couple had two children together daughter is Jada, and the son is Aaron Jr. After some time, the couple broke up.

In 2019 Aaron got engaged to Erica Sherman, a marketing manager for the Rams. The two then got married in a private event and the couple has never confirmed the actual wedding date. The couple live in California with the kids.

Donald’s Workout Routine

Aaron is into fitness, and he follows a healthy lifestyle. To improve his physical abilities, he focuses on power movements and strength exercises so that he can keep his play at a high level. To improve his acceleration, he does power movements, including low volume and high-intensity box jumps.

Due to his power movements workout, he improves his speed and strength. He also does strength exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. He is also famous for his bench press at 500 pounds.

And when game days are approaching, he does high-volume and low-weight arm workouts so that he can play well in a three-hour match without being tired.

Bench Press at 500 lbs

At one point, a video went viral on social media where Aaron was doing a bench press at 495 pounds. And he did that bench press quite easily with many reps.

As an amazing player who has been into fitness for a long time, Aaron can bench press up to 285 pounds on normal days. He also bench presses 225 pounds with 35 reps and does it easily with perfect posture.

Net Worth

Aaron Donald’s net worth is approximately around $60 million, which he has earned in his career to date. He is one of the highest-paying football players of his time, and that is why he was able to build this kind of fortune.

Aaron Donald Wife: Final Thoughts

Aaron is one of the best defensive footballers of his time, which is why he has millions of fans following his career and praising his talent and dedication. He recently married his beautiful wife, but the couple chose to live a private life, which is why people are trying hard to know more about Aaron Donald wife.

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