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Ab Quintanilla Net Worth, Age, Wives, Kids, Jail Time, And More

How much is ab quintanilla worth

Ab Quintanilla is an American Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, and Musician. He is famous for his music playing skills, but he is also a good singer and songwriter. As of now, he has millions of fans who are always waiting for his next songs and music albums. In this story, we will discuss Ab Quintanilla net worth as he is known for his luxurious lifestyle. We will also cover Quintanilla’s age, wife, ex-wife, kids, etc.

Ab Quintanilla Net Worth

Quintanilla’s net worth is approximately $5 million, which he has built by working hard in the industry for several years now. Quintanilla’s net worth will increase in the near future because he is working on some big music projects that will surely become quite successful.

Birthdate and Age

Ab Quintanilla was born on the 13th of December 1963 in Washington, therefore he is, as of date of publishing, 58 years old.

ab quintanilla net worth

Zodiac Sign

AB Quintanilla’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius and his personality is more like a fire than an earth sign. He is known for being very energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic. He can sometimes be fickle, but he is quick to forgive and forget.

As a Sagittarius, AB Quintanilla has a love for socializing and meeting new people. His outgoing personality makes him the perfect match for people who enjoy the company of others because he loves to get out there and live life to the fullest.

His personality is one of a kind. He enjoys travelling and has a lot of friends from all over the world. He is very friendly and loves to share his experiences and adventures with his close friends.

Height and Weight

Ab Quintanilla’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, equal to 1.7 meters or 171 centimeters. On the other hand, his weight is 75 kg, equal to 165 lbs. In the past, he gained weight but worked hard to get back into shape.

Early Life & Education

Ab Quintanilla was born and grew up in Washington. But later, his parents moved to Texas, where he started his early education. Ab came from an artistic family where his parents and siblings are also into music and arts. During his childhood, he was influenced by his younger sister, a singer, so he started singing at a very young age.

But he liked music instruments as much as singing, so he used to play guitar and piano at her sister’s show. He was particularly good with the guitar and was famous for that at school.

He once told the media that he started playing music instruments in front of a crowd when he was at school. During his school days, he also started songwriting and wrote many pieces for her younger sister and his friends who were into singing.

Career & Struggles

The singer’s career started when he was very young. Ab Quintanilla net worth grew steadily over the years and he has amassed a nice fortune. Although he is a millionaire, he doesn’t have much money compared to other music producers and musicians.

He started his professional music career in the 90s when his sister got famous for her amazing music skills. Initially, he started playing guitar and piano for her, but after that, he started writing songs that her sister sang. Later, he got working on his own songs and released his first single, Amor, in 1993.

After that, he released multiple songs and albums, most of which were successful because he worked very hard to create them. Quintanilla also created a music group and named it Kumbia Kings who released multiple songs and mixtapes. However, after a few years with the band, he left and started his own music production house.

Ab Quintanilla’s famous songs are:

  • Sabes a chocolate
  • Como la Flor
  • Te Quiero A Tí
  • No tengo dinero
  • Chiquilla
  • Azucar
  • Se Fue Mi Amor
  • Rica y apretadita
  • Insomnio
  • Dime Quien
  • Pachuco

Some of his famous music albums are:

  • Elektro Kumbia
  • Blanco y Negro
  • Amor, Familia y Respeto
  • Fuego
  • Kumbia Kings Live
  • Ayer Fue Kumbia Kings, Hoy Es Kumbia All Starz
  • La Vida de un Genio
  • Éxitos en Vivo
  • Greatest Hits
  • Mis Primeras Grabaciones

Wife and Family

Quintanilla is currently married to Anjelah, who is his fifth wife. The couple got married in 2019 after dating for several years. Anjelah is working in the a modeling and makeup industry. Media reports that the couple is madly in love and living a very happy life together.

Anjelah is 24 years younger than Ab Quintanilla but has a very strong bond despite being from a totally different generation.

Currently, the couple doesn’t have any children together.

Is He Still Married To Vangie?

Almeida aka Vangie is Ab Quintanilla’s ex-wife. The couple divorced each other in the 90s, and now both are living their life with different partners.

AB and Vangie had 1 child together, whose name is Savani Quintanilla.

Legal Problems and Jail Time

Quintanilla was sent to jail in 2017 for not paying child support money to his ex-wife Vangie. He owed almost $87,000 to Vangie and faced jail for 6 months. At some point, he requested the court to release him because he finally agreed to pay the money.

Ab Quintanilla Net Worth: Concluding Words

Ab Quintanilla has been in the news due to the big clash with his ex-wife Vangie over child support money. But the issue was resolved and led people to wonder what is Ab Quintanilla net worth.

The legal disagreement created the perception in people’s mind that Ab was bankrupt and had very little money and was simply not able to come up with the funds. However, it was not the case as the argument between Vangie and himself was more related to how the child was being raised and taken care of.

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