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Antonia Gentry Age | Who Are His Parents? Why is She Famous?

Antonia Gentry Parents

Antonia Gentry has recently become famous in the acting scene in America. She is known for her role in the popular Netflix series “Ginny & Georgia.” Her acting performance in this series was loved by the fans, and she was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance awards at MTV Movies & TV Awards 2021. Since then, fans have been curious about her. People want to know Antonia Gentry Age, Parents, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and a lot more.

So, here are complete details about her, including her filmography career and some quick cool facts.

Antonia Gentry Age

Antonia Bonea Gentry, is nearly 24 years old as of early 2022. She looks quite younger than her age due to her fit body and flawless skin. She is quite in the talk of entertainment industry critics due to her performance as a teenage girl in Netflix series.

What is Antonia Gentry birthday and birth place?

Antonia Gentry was born on 25 September 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves her birthplace so much, and she has clearly expressed in interviews. She is emotionally attached to Atlanta because she started her theater acting there when she was a child.

Her Zodiac Sign?

According to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Libra. She has a cozy and friendly personality exactly according to her zodiac sign as Libra people tend to be extroverts and friendly with their surroundings.

Antonia Gentry Height and Weight

Antonia Gentry is 5 feet 1 inch tall, which is equal to nearly 155 centimeters. Her height in meters is 1.55m. She is a bit shorter than the average American female.

Gentry weighs around 45 in kilograms and 100 in pounds. Her body measurement is perfect and she looks great! Antonia likes to perform different exercises at the gym on a regular basis. That is why she is so much in shape and looks beautiful.

Net Worth

As she has just started her international acting career and his popularity grew in the last year, she has a modest net worth of around $100,000 to $300,000. She was born into a middle-class family, so she earned this all in a year or so. It is estimated that she will become much more successful and wealthy in the upcoming years.

Is Antonia Gentry Black or White?

Antonia Gentry was born to an interracial family where her mother is Black, and her father is white. So, she is not black nor white but Biracial. Her skin color is influenced more by her mother’s genetics. This makes her so much attractive that fans are totally in love with her beauty and personality.

Her Nationality and Ethnicity

She is an American as she was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are interracial, and she is biracial, so it’s hard to determine her ethnicity. Her mother was from Jamaica, an island country in the Caribbeans. So, you can say that her ethnicity is mixed Afro-Jamaican.

She has shared on her social media that she has faced racism due to her mixed ethnicity.

Parents and Siblings

Antonia Gentry’s mother’s name is Sandra Gentry, and her father’s name is Tony Gentry. Her mother is an artist, poet, and theater play writer. Antonia has started her acting career in her mother’s written theater plays. Her father is British, and his profession is unknown, and she doesn’t talk much about him.

She has shared how her mother’s profession helped her pursue an acting career. She is very emotionally attached to her parents, and she has expressed it in her social media posts. Moreover, she has also shared that due to her parents being an interracial couple, she has faced racism throughout her life.

Antonia Gentry is the only child of the family.

Antonia Gentry Age

Why is She famous?

She is famous mainly because of her role in the comedy series “Ginny & Georgia,” where she had played the role of a teenage girl. Her acting skills are so powerful that people fell in love with her talent.

Given Antonia Gentry age at 24 years old, she has played a teenage girls’ character perfectly. This is why so many Netflix fans and entertainment industry critics are impressed by her and made her performance.


Antonia Gentry’s career started in the year 2015. She appeared in two short films and played a variety of smaller roles. In 2018, she appeared in one episode of the superhero television series Raising Dion and starred in the romantic comedy film Candy Jar.

Right now, she is working on the film “Time Cut,” and her role is not yet revealed yet.

Quick Facts about Antonia Gentry

Following are some interesting facts about her:

  • Antonia’s nickname is “Toni.”
  • She has always wanted to become an actress since her childhood. Her mother supported her passion so much and helped her to play different roles in the theater where she worked as a writer.
  • Antonia played some minor roles in some Netflix series before acting in “Ginny & Georgia.”
  • Her hobbies are singing and playing the piano. Besides her acting skills, she is a good singer.
  • She has participated in many competitions at the national level before getting roles in films and TV series.
  •  Gentry has attended Emony University and graduated from there.

Antonia Gentry Age: Final Words

Antonia Gentry age plays a vital role in her getting fame because she had played a teenage girl’s role that is loved and praised by the fans.

Although she is going into her mid-20s, she looks way younger than her age. That is partly why she pick up the “Ginny & Georgia” role fame.

She is a young and beautiful fresh actress from Atlanta, and fans will see her in the film “Time Cut.” In the near future.

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