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Ariel Helwani Wife, Age, Height, Career, Family and More

ariel helwani girlfriend

Ariel Helwani is one of the greatest Canadian sports Journalists of all time. He covers mixed martial arts and started in the MMA industry in 2006. He is a very popular person and he has a huge fan following among MMA lovers. In this story, we will talk about Ariel Helwani wife and family as well as his age, height, career, relationships, and more.

Ariel Helwani Wife

Ariel Helwani is married to Jaclyn Stein. She is a gorgeous woman, and she is a jewelry designer by profession. Jaclyn is a very talented and energetic lady. She graduated from McGill University with a degree in Jewelry design and started her career as a jewelry designer. Today, she is the CEO of the jewelry firm Anzie Jewelry.

Jaclyn Stein is Ariel’s childhood sweetheart, and finally, Ariel tied the knot with her in 2008. The couple has three children, two sons, and one daughter. Their names have still not been revealed to the public.

Helwani Age and Zodiac Sign

Ariel Helwani was born on July 8, 1982. He is currently 40 years old. According to his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Cancer. People having this zodiac sign are loyal, generous, and empathetic. No matter how busy they are, they always manage to find time for their loved ones, if they are in a crisis. They are naturally emotional, but it doesn’t mean they are insecure.

Height, Weight, Sexuality

Ariel’s height is 1.8 meters, equal to 5 feet 11 inches. He has a perfect height which adds charm to his personality. His weight is 110 kg which is equal to 242 lbs.

Plus, if you are curious about his sexuality, he is Straight.

Ariel Helwani’s Career

Ariel Helwani graduated from the University in 2004. He started covering MMA in 2006 and in 2010 he won the MMA Journalist of the Year award.

Ariel has since won this award ten times in a row. After succeeding in MMA, he got an opportunity to work for Fox Sports to in UFC’s pre-fight and post-fight shows.

Banning From UFC

But in 2016, he was banned for life by the UFC President. He leaked the return of Brock Lesner for (UFC 200) before it was officially announced and the promotion started.

Joining the ESPN

Ariel joined ESPN in 2018 as head MMA reporter. He hosted the DC & Helwani MMA show which became a massive hit. His co-host in the show was former UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.

He also hosted different podcasts about MMA fighting on YouTube and Twitter.

Why Did He Leave ESPN?

Ariel Helwani signed a three year contract with ESPN, which expired in June 2022. He then decided to pursue other opportunities rather than renewing the contract with the sports network.

He returned to MMA fighting again and started the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Currently, he is running this show and works for BT Sports.

Early Education

Ariel Helwani was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He belongs to a Jewish family. His father’s name is Claude Helwani, who is from Egypt and his mother’s name is Pina Helwani.

Helwani spent his childhood in Mount Royal, Quebec. He received early education from the Akiva School and Herzliah High School.

Then, he moved to New York for further studies. He graduated in Journalism from the S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, New York.

Jaclyn Stein, Ariel Helwani wife, has always very supportive of him, and she stood by him throughout his career.

Ariel Helwani’s Uncles

Ariel is the nephew of David Saad, an athlete from Lebanon. He competed in the men’s lightweight event at the Summer Olympics 1976.

His other uncle’s name is Gad Saad. He is a professor at Concordia University. Ariel is a well-known person for applying physiology to marketing and consumer behavior. He is a prominent person in the University’s John Molson School of business.

Helwani’s Net Worth

The net worth of Ariel Helwani is estimated at approximately $8 million. This is remarkable, especially for a journalist. He earned a great reputation and built a fortune from MMA media reporting. When he was associated with ESPN, his salary was nearly $500,000 per year.

In addition, he has various other sources of income. He has a YouTube channel which is one of the biggest sources of his income. Ariel is also a columnist on top MMA websites. He has also co-hosted various TV and Radio shows, which added value to his overall wealth.

Social Media Fan Following

Ariel Helwani is quite popular among the youngsters who love MMA. He has a great social media fan following. He keeps connected with his fans using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Currently, he has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He often posts the latest MMA news and announcements of the matches. Currently, he has 1.1 million followers on Twitter and also has a YouTube channel with 1.48 million subscribers.

Ariel Helwani Wife: Final Words

Ariel Helwani is a Canadian multi-award-winning martial arts journalist who is well known for his outstanding reporting on different fighting events throughout his career. This wonderful success and recognition aided him in establishing a respectful position in the industry.

Jaclyn Stein , Ariel Helwani Wife, is also a very successful woman. Together, they make a great couple and have a wonderful family with three kids.

We hope he will continue his neutral and professional reporting on MMA events and he will keep hosting fantastic shows dedicated to MMA lovers.

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