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Bella Robertson Age | How Old Is The Popular Actress?

How Old is Bella Robertson

Bella Robertson is one of the most popular actresses today. She is known for her roles in “Duck Dynasty” and “I am not ashamed.” But there are a lot of things that you may not know about Bella. In this post, we will discuss Bella Robertson age, height, husband, parents, and career. We will also reveal some little-known facts about this talented actress!

Let’s dive deep into the facts and much more.

Bella Robertson Age

American reality star Bella Robertson was born on the 16th of September in the year 2002 in the mansion of the big Robertson family.

She was born to mother Korie Robertson and Father Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander.

Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac sign of Bella Robertson is Aries which has contributed a lot to her success.

How Old Is Bella Robertson’s Husband?

Bella Robertson’s husband Jacob Mayo was born on the 22 of July in 1999. So as of early 2022, he is almost 23 years old. Robertson tied her knot with him on the 5th June of 2021 and a month later, she also posted about his birthday on her Instagram account.

Bella Robertson Height

Robertson is close to the average female height in America, standing at 5 feet & 5 inches which is 165 centimeters. The height of the actress is in perfect balance with her weight.  


To this date, Jacob Mayo and Bella Robertson do not have any children. According to recent sources, Bella Robertson wants to focus on her career and is not prepared to have children yet.

So, who knows when the couple will be ready and hear news about it. 

Bella Robertson Ring

The ring which Bella Robertson was gifted at her wedding was 14k solid white gold which is estimated to be around 1.4 carats. This ring fits perfectly with her personality and people started to search about it … and women dreaming they would be in her place!

Bella Robertson Age

When Did The Couple Get Engaged?

Bella Robertson got engaged with Jacob at the age of 18 and at the time, Jacob was 20 years old. They had been dating each other for almost 6 months.

On November 27 Jacob proposed to Bella and she said yesssss! They got married not too long after and many people started commenting that Bella Robertson age was way too young to get married.


Bella Robertson has four siblings and the in-depth information about them, as well as the parents is discussed below.


Bella Robertson has four siblings which are named Rebecca, John Luke, Sadie and Willie Alexander.

Rebecca is also a reality star just like Bella and she is the oldest one in the family. She is also married and is the mother of two babies.

The oldest daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson, Rebecca was a member (and later leader) of their family’s famous Duck Dynasty show.

She moved back home after working as a wardrobe stylist for many years in California but opened up her own clothing boutique called “Duck & Dressing” right near Louisiana where they are originally from!

John Luke’s life is one that has been filled with adventure, from traveling across America in his youth to becoming an author and television personality on the Duck Dynasty family show.

He appeared in 49 episodes since its first season! And now he is running a coffee business.

Sadie is a star of the A&E show Duck Dynasty. This American actress and reality television personality has appeared in many roles, both on camera or behind it as an executive producer for one season.

Bella then went back to being actively involved with production alongside her family members who are also actors in this popular series!

Bella’s brother, Willie Alexander, has grown up in front of the cameras and he never knew what it felt like to be without attention or presence, until now!

The popular American personality has been able to blend his childhood with adulthood seamlessly while still maintaining fame from all over America which helped make him who is today.

But most importantly you know that this guy loves Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior because everyone can see how much God means to him.


Bella Robertson’s father is Willie Jess Robertson who is a TV personality, businessman, and author. He was born in Louisiana to his father Philo who owned Duck Dynasty as well as other business ventures.

The parents are based out of West Monroe with Willie serving the CEO position for all things “Ducky”.

The name of Bella’s mother is Korie Howard Robertson, who is also an A&E reality television star on the Duck Dynasty show. Her father John and mother Chrys are both from Louisiana.

How Did She Become Famous?

Bella Robertson’s rise to fame started when she starred on Duck Dynasty. She also gained recognition for playing Anna, a supporting role in “I’m Not Ashamed”. This is an inspiring drama about bullying a third-generation loft star who has become one of the most sought-after young actors today!

Bella Robertson Age: Final Notes

Robertson made her debut in 2012 and her involvement in both shows generated a lot of hype and brought her under the spotlight. Given Bella Robertson age, she has already accomplished quite a bit in her young live.

From being a reality show star to being married at only 18 years old, one can say sky is literally the limit for her going forward. Let’s watch how she handles her career and personal life in the future!


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