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Derrick Jaxn Wife | Who is Da’Naia Jackson? All About Their Personal Life

Who is Da'Naia Jackson

Derrick Jaxn is an American author, humorist, motivational speaker, and life coach. Jaxn also runs a personal development blog on his website. In this story, I will talk about his personal life, including Derrick Jaxn wife as well.

Let’s talk about him first.

Derrick Jaxn is the President and CEO of his own personal development company called “The Jaxn Group, Inc.” He travels across the country, giving lectures on self-esteem and motivation to school children as well as to university students. Derrick also gives seminars on topics such as social networking and improving personal relationships. He is a strong believer that everyone has the power to change their lives using life skills such as determination, passion, and desire.

Derrick Jaxn Wife

Derrick Jaxn’s Wife’s name is Da’Naia Jackson. She was born on 21st December 1989. Her birthplace is Denver, Colorado, US. Her father died when she was just 12 years old. She went to a high school named “Smoky Hill School” in Denver.

Then she went to Tuskegee University from where she graduated in Hospitality Management in 2012. She got married to Derrick in 2018, and before that, she went under a weight loss surgery in which she lost 75 pounds. They were in a long relationship before they got engaged in 2016 and then got married in 2018.

They both have 2 kids. Their daughter, Marley Jaxn, was born before their engagement in 2016, and later they had a son as well. Da’Naia and Derrick were in a relationship for over 12 years, but their marriage started to fall apart when Derrick cheated on her wife, and she got to know about it. I will discuss that part later on in detail.

Da’Naia is a Christian, and she often posts Bible verses on her Instagram as well. She stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and her estimated net worth is around $1-$2 million.

Derrick Jaxn Wife

Book Publishing

Jaxn has written two books which have been published through Tate Publishing under their “FaithWords” book series. His first book was titled The Alpha Man Cometh, while his second book is entitled Me + God = Us.

His books have received several positive reviews. For example, “Publishers Weekly” reviewed both of Derrick Jaxn’s books and gave them a strong endorsement saying they were “Well-suited to the author’s talents.”

They gave particular praise to The Alpha Man Cometh for its illustration of what it takes to be a gentleman and for its discussion of romantic relationships.

Da’Naia Jackson’s Social Media Accounts

She is pretty much active on social media, mainly on Instagram. Here are the details of her social media accounts.

  • She has around 88k followers on Instagram.
  • She is not much active on Twitter and has few followers there.
  • Her Facebook account details are also unknown.
  • She has no Youtube channel as well.

Derrick Jaxn Cheating Scandal

Derrick Jaxn’s wife, Da’Naia Jackson, found out about him cheating on her with another woman. She got to know about it when a woman named Candice De Medeiros revealed their relationship.

She went public on having an affair with Derrick Jaxn. Their relationship, as a husband and wife, was in deep trouble, and Da’Naia filed for divorce with the court of justice. They got separated from each other, and they were fighting for the custody of their kids as well.

He revealed that he has been cheating on her wife for a long time, and he gave her wife the list of all the women he cheated with on her.

Jaxn publicly acknowledged he cheated not once but many times, and he recognized that he had outrageously stepped out of line.

Derrick Jaxn wife said that she was filled with rage and depression when her husband Derrick confirmed that he was cheating on her.  She had no words to express, she said. They were in a loving relationship that got destroyed because of Derrick.

Is Derrick Jaxn Still Married?

Both Derrick and Da’Naia have seen the worst phase of their life. They went through a lot of depression and anxiety. Derrick has seen his viewers turning into his haters because of what he did to her wife. He preached one thing and did exactly the opposite to what he preached.

On the other hand, Da’Naia went through a lot of pain and suffering, and she made the decision to get the divorce and never thought of returning back. But at the end of the day, they reconciled.

Derrick apologized for all his acts and promised not to repeat such acts in the future ever. Da’Naia accepted his apology by saying that she had accepted Derrick’s remorse and there was no place for another woman at any stage of their couple life.

Jackson said that she wasn’t ready to come back until she saw drastic changes in Derrick’s personality and behavior which made her believe that he really is ashamed of his actions and he won’t do it again in the future.

Da’Naia said he continuously asked for guidance and that she is not ashamed of returning back to him because she has forgiven him completely and moved on to what happened in the past. She further said that she is at peace now, and she stands by his side. She is happy that their marriage is working out again.

History of Derrick Jaxn’s Affairs

There are rumors that Derrick had three mistresses. I have told you about the one that exposed him publicly; now, let’s talk about the other two.

One of them was Nikki, whom he met in October 2020, where he approached the 33-year old surgeon and introduced himself as Zeek to her. They dated each other and had a physical relationship as well.

His third mistress is unknown, and rumors are that he threatened her that if she tried to expose him, then she would lose everything that he had given to her.

However, Derrick told everyone himself about all his secret relations in a video while sitting with his wife and apologized about everything again. Ouf!

Derrick Jaxn Wife: Final Words

Derrick is famous because he is one of the most popular “motivational” speakers in USA. He appeared to always be available to guide you, your careers, relationships, and other important things about life.

However, his own acts were against what he speaks in his videos; however, Derrick Jaxn wife has forgiven him in good faith, and they are living together hoping for a better future. Besides, Derrick appears to be a changed man now.

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