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Doja Cat Zodiac Sign, Age, Height, Life, Career, Net Worth and More

Doja Cat net worth

Doja Cat is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and social media personality. Her real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini, and she has been in the industry since 2014. Doja has released multiple songs and albums that fans have praised so much. People are interested in knowing more like Doja Cat zodiac sign, age, height, personal life, career, net worth, etc.

So, here is a quick bio that can help you know more about her. 

Doja Cat Zodiac Sign

Doja Cat’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. The Scorpio people are considered loyal, and they can do anything for those closest to them. Besides, they enjoy exploring and investigating, and other people see them as mysterious.

Date of Birth and Age

Doja Cat was born on the 21st of October 1995 in Los Angeles, California. As of today, she is 26 years old and living a healthy and happy life.

Height and Weight

Doja Cat’s height is 5 feet 3 inches, equal to 1.6 meters or 160 centimeters. She is below an average American women’s height. She weighs around 57 kg which is equal to 126 lbs. According to her height and BMI, her weight is perfect, and the reason is her fitness exercises. She spends hours in the gym to maintain her shape and keep herself fit and healthy.

Doja Cat zodiac sign
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Early Life

Doja Cat was born to an artistic family in which her mother named, Deborah Sawyer, was a graphic designer while her father, named Dumisani Dlamini, was an actor.

She is biracial because her mother is a Jewish-American and her father is a South African. She had faced bullying and racism due to her brown skin color.

Doja Cat holds a very shy personality in her childhood. At first, she was very shy, but because she was always by herself with no one else to turn to, she became very self-reliant and outgoing, learning how to make friends quickly and easily. She learned to be independent, strong-willed, intelligent, funny, and confident.

Doja’s parents were living peacefully in Los Angeles after their marriage. When Doja was born, her parents moved to New York after a few months so that her mother could focus on her career. So, she was brought up in New York.

After some time, her family again moved to Los Angeles, and she started her schooling at Central Los Angeles Area New High School.

When she was young, she started taking piano lessons. Although she found it difficult to read sheet music, she eventually became very good at it. Her aunt used to be a piano teacher, so Doja Cat had lots of opportunities to practice.

Besides piano, her aunt taught her singing and musical instruments. This enhanced her interest, and she started participating in music competitions.


Doja Cat has been making a name for herself with her funky, playful sound. She’s an artist who seamlessly blends rap and pop to create music that feels refreshingly modern. It’s hard not to be drawn in by her style and confidence.

Doja didn’t set out to be a rapper. She got into the industry by accident when a video she made with her brother went viral. When it happened, she was a student at UCLA studying visual art.

She saw an ad for a photoshoot where they would pay her $500. She thought it was too good to be true but decided to go anyway. They turned out to be shooting photos for an album cover, and they didn’t have any of the actresses they had planned on using, so they used Doja instead.

That’s how she accidentally puts her step into the industry and becomes one of the most popular music stars.

Music Debut

She debuted in the music industry by releasing her first single track named So Hight in 2013. These songs go viral, and her social media followers start increasing. Later on, she signed a music deal with RCA Records and started working on several music projects.

In 2014, she released another single track named Purr. This also became very successful as people loved this song and played it million times on different platforms.

In 2018, she released the biggest hits of her life named Roll with Us and Go to Town. These songs broke several records and boosted her social media following.

From 2018 to 2021, she has released several single songs, albums, mixtapes, and EPs.

Right now, she is working on her upcoming music albums and songs. Her latest album is Planet Her which was released in mid-2021.

Doja Cat zodiac sign indicate a strong personality with a lot of drive and this has certainly played out in her growing her music career so well.

Personal Life

Doja Cat is Judaist in her personal life. She believes in peace and harmony, as her zodiac sign predicts. She is also in love with the Japanese people’s culture. You can find all her interest on her website where she interacts with her followers and fans.

She is dating Johny Utah, who is also a singer. The couple announced their relationship in 2019, and since then, they have been living in an unknown location in Los Angeles.

Doja Cat’s Net Worth

Doja Cat’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. It’s a lot of money for a 26 years old girl, but she earned it by working hard in the American music industry. The major part of her income comes from her album sales and her performance at music concerts.

Doja Cat is considered one of the hottest music stars of music concerts. She charges thousands of bucks to appear in a single music concert.

Doja Cat Zodiac Sign: Final Words

Doja Cat zodiac sign is an interesting topic to talk about because some people believe that everything she has achieved in her music career is just because of her zodiac sign, while others think that it’s all because of the hard work that she has done.

She is a Scorpio, and her moon sign is Virgo which means that she’s passionate, charismatic, and has the ability to see into your soul. It also means she knows how to charm people, which she often does on stage and in her music videos.


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