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Gabriel Iglesias Wife, Net Worth, Family and Personal Life

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias is a popular comedian who won the hearts of millions. We all have enjoyed his comedy so let’s get to know more about the person and cover topics such as his net worth, family and personal life. We will also get to know more about Gabriel Iglesias wife, Claudia Valdez. So stick with us for the next few minutes!

Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Gabriel Iglesias was never married but he was in a long-standing relationship with Claudia Valdez. People mistakenly consider them as a married couple but they never consumed their relationship. Let’s get to know more about her…

Claudia Valdez Career

She is an actor as well as a producer. Claudia Valdez was brought up in a working-class family in the USA. She turned out to be notable in 2010 for her acting in a well-known sci/fi film named “Monsters”.

Later on, in 2013 she became a producer and worked on many movies including The Legend Of Zoro, Monstruo, Bajo El Ultimo Teco, La Zona, El Buffalo De La Noche Jarhead, and Troy.

Valdez Personal Llife

Claudia Valdez gained more popularity by living with Gabriel Iglesias. She was married before her relationship with Gabriel and she had a son. After the separation from her ex-husband, she started to date Iglesias.

They officially started dating in 2008 as they were spotted together publicly at an event. Yet the details of their relationship were never known. In July 2020 they broke up for obscure reasons. Their relationship lasted more than 10 years.

Gabriel confessed to battling mental health issues and liquor abuse which affected his family, so this might have contributed to the ending of their relationship as well. Claudia Valdez was a supportive girlfriend throughout their relationship. So we do not know exactly what was the reason that put an end to their couple.

She became a public figure but her ex-husband and everyday life have never been uncovered. She was private in that regard. Claudia does not use social media platforms. Nobody knows much about her father and family as well.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Claudia Valdez Net Worth

As indicated by definitive sources, the actress has a net worth of more than $1 million, aggregated from her career in the movie industry…

Gabriel Iglesias Son

Claudia was not Gabriel Iglesias wife nor did she have a biological children with him, however, reports say Gabriel took Claudia’s child, Frankie under his wing.

Frankie was brought into the world on the eighth of December 1997, so he has turned 24 in 2021. In any case, Gabriel deals with Frankie like his own child. The two have a solid bond as Gabriel shares their father-son relationship through social media. He seems to be a great step father to Frankie.

Gabriel stated through a tweet that Frankie will be his only child. Well, we know Gabriel is a top comic, but he seemed pretty sure and serious about that.

Gabriel Iglesias Family

Gabriel was born in San Diego, California in July 1976. His parents are Jesus Iglesias and Esther Mendez. However, he was raised mostly by his mother.  He was the youngest of six children. Iglesias lived his early life in poor neighborhoods like Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park before he started living in Long Beach, California.

Gabriel Iglesias Career

Gabriel Iglesias started his career in 1997, with “Make Me Laugh”, alongside Ken Ober and Fran Solomita. Before getting into comedy he was working in a cell phone company in Los Angeles. But he pursued his passion and started working on his dreams. Gabriel’s stand-up comedy is a combination of narrating stories, spoofs, characters and audio effects.

Iglesias became successful in this field in the late 2000s as he worked on many projects and shows like the drop, last comic standing, inside joke, and more.

He became particularly famous in 2008 with his movie Gabriel Iglesias, “Hot & Fluffy” which received a huge positive response from the box office. Iglesias has appeared in many other TV shows and movies like My Wife and Kids, A Haunted House 2, Magic Mike, and a Modern Family.

Gabriel also voiced many animated movies including Planes, The Nut Job, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and el Americano: the movie (2016).

He was featured in a reality TV show named “Fluffy Breaks Even” which was later renamed “Fluffy Food Adventures”. He also did his own show named “Gabriel Iglesias presents stand up revolution”, from 2011 to 2014.

In 2019 he also played a role of a teacher in Long Beach, California in a Netflix original series named Mr. Iglesias. His work has always been comical and non-controversial as he only tends to spread smiles on the faces of millions.

Gabriel Iglesias Height & Weight

Gabriel Iglesias is 1.78 m tall and was weighing over 400 pounds before he started losing weight in 2015. He was able slim down to 320 pounds.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias has been associated with the entertainment and film industry for more than 2 decades now and he has had tremendous success over the years. He has built up a net worth in the $30-40 million range.

Most of his income is generated from his work as a comedian.  He is considered one of the most-watched comedians on YouTube and one of the highest-paid comedian in the USA.

Final Word on Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Although they had a long run together, Claudia Valdez never became Gabriel Iglesias wife. The top comic is, as of now, single. Despite Gabriel’s public achievements and exposure, there is very little significant information about his love life. Many people believe he has not been dating anyone after his recent breakup with Claudia but this is yet to be confirmed.


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