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How Old Is Claire Rocksmith? Age, Birthday, Parents, Real Name + More

Claire Rocksmith Age

Claire Rocksmith is an American content creator and a social media star. She is a Youtuber with over 895k subscribers. She is famous because of her prank and reaction videos. Claire is one of the youngest Digital content creator with millions of likes on TikTok and a great fan following on Instagram. That’s one reason why people want to know how old is Claire Rocksmith.

So, let’s see the life of the young Content creator.

How Old is Claire Rocksmith?

Claire rock was born on May 24th, 2008, in California, USA. She is only 14 years old, and he has recently celebrated her birthday at a private party at an unknown location.

Claire Rocksmith’s Real Name?

Claire Rocksmith’s real name is Claire Rock Smith. But she writes it differently, which is why many people are confused about her name.

Zodiac Sign

Claire is a Gemini and has some pretty interesting personality traits. Geminis are known for being curious, and Claire is no exception.

She loves to read books and watch movies, but she also likes to explore new places, so long as she can get there safely. She’s very smart and loves learning about new things, even if they aren’t always as fun as others.

She’s always been known to be honest with herself and others, which shows in her work. She strives to do the right thing, even if it’s not what people expect. It’s this very trait that has made her successful career in social media in recent months. She believes in doing things the right way and will never give up until she gets it right.

How Old is Claire Rocksmith

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Claire’s height is 5 feet 2 inches, equal to 1.55 meters or 155 centimeters. Her weight is roughly 50 kgs which is equal to 110 lbs. She pays strict attention to her diet and stays physically active to stay in good healthy shape.

Early Life and Education

Claire was born and brought up in California. She has spent her childhood with her mother and younger sister. Claire belongs to a Catholic family where her mother and father are true believers.

Claire is in her teenage life, and she goes to a public school in her area.

Before joining YouTube and becoming a star, she was a random school girl. But when she started her YT channel, people fell in love with her due to her amazing personality.

Social Media Career

Claire Rocksmith is a famous social media personality, and people her age watch her YouTube videos on a regular basis. She has enjoyed success at a very young age, which is why people are curious to know how old is Claire Rocksmith. People think she is older than her age, probably because of her screenplay.

Claire is one of the youngest social media stars out there. She started her journey in 2020 and within months, she gained 895k subscribers. And in a couple of months, it will be 1 million subscribers.

The most viewed video on her channel is ‘My Mom is Gay’; the video has over 3 million views. The young social media star is also an influencer on Instagram where she has 670k. followers.

Her fans saw her lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Her Instagram account is Clairerocksmith. The young star is also on TikTok, where she gets millions of likes, through her account Clairerocksmith143.

In such a short time, she gained fame on major social Media Platforms. She has also worked with many of her fellow YouTubers. She is also the cousin of the star YouTuber Piper Rockelle. Claire is also a member of a Social media celebrities group called The Squad.

Parents and Siblings

Claire lived with her mother. Her mother’s name is Ashley Rock Smith. Her mother can be seen many times in her videos. Claire’s father never appeared in her videos, and no one knows of him, not even his name and she has never talked about him.

Her family is a major part of her videos. She once posted a video titled ‘My Mom is Gay, and revealed her mother is dating the aunt of Piper Rockelle.

Claire also lived with his younger sister Reese Rock Smith. Claire and Reese are very close to each other. She adores and loves her sister very much. Reese has also appeared on Claire’s videos many times.

Is Claire Adopted?

Claire Rocksmith is not adopted. There is a prank video on YouTube where she acts as an adopted girl. But there is no truth behind the “rumour”.

Love Life

The young social media star is not single. She has been dating Ayden Mekus for a very long time. Ayden is a television actor and a famous Youtuber. Mekus has appeared many times in Claire’s videos. Ayden is also a famous Youtuber because of his pranks and vlogs. He has also taken on a few acting roles in short movies.

Claire Rocksmith’s Net Worth

Claire’s net worth is around $500k, which she has earned from her social media popularity. Most of her income comes from brand endorsements and social media promotions. Many of her fans can see her lavish lifestyle on social media.

How Old is Claire Rocksmith? The Takeaway

If you are a true fan, you must be wondering how old is Claire Rocksmith? Well, she is very popular but only 14 years old. She will soon be a millionaire, even before becoming an adult! This is a huge success story and she enjoys every moment of it!

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