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How Old Is Emily Dobson? Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth

Emily Dobson Age

Emily Dobson is an American actress, dancer, and social media personality. She rose to fame when people saw her California Star Ball event performance. Later on, her fan following started increasing on her social media channels. People are much interested in knowing how old is Emily Dobson? This is the most common question that comes into everyone’s mind when they see her.

So, let’s find out her age and all other details about her.

How Old is Emily Dobson?

Emily Dobson was born on the 3rd of April 2008 in California. As of now, she is 13 years old and living a happy and healthy life with her parents.

People get surprised when they know that Emily Dobson is about to turn 14. Some even think Emily is much older than that. It’s not normal to see someone with so much fame and success at such a young age. But the fact is, Emily has been started to learn dance when she was a little girl. It can be said that she has been born with talent and passion for doing this.

Height and Weight

Emily Dobson’s height is 5 feet 2 inches, equal to 1.5 meters or 152 centimeters. She is below an average American woman, but her height is still growing, and she will be taller in the near future. Emily weighs nearly 45 kg which is equal to 99 lbs.

She is a fitness enthusiast and keeps herself fit and healthy by performing different outdoor exercises and yoga.

Her body measurements are 28-23-33. Emily’s weight is nearly perfect according to her BMI.

Early Life

Emily Dobson was born to an upper-middle-class family based in California. She has always been interested in dancing, and that is why she started dancing when she was only 5 years old. She used to dance continuously three hours per day, accompanied by her mother.

How Old is Emily Dobson

This habit instilled discipline and a sparkling personality in her. Her parents being more affectionate had a great influence on her life as her mother’s love for Emily was immense, which encouraged her towards excellence in the field of acting and dance.

She is a passionate dancer who used to dance during her early school days. She was also a member of the dance groups and not only danced but also performed well in various competitions held for dance performances. Later on, she participates in the National Dance competition 3 times in a row and makes it to the final each time.

Right now, she is studying in an unknown school in Los Angeles. She does not attend school regularly; instead, she prefers online classes.


Not only do people ask How Old is Emily Dobson but they are also curious about her career progression. She has trained in jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical dance. Emily known for her ability to mix and match different dancing styles in one performance, which adds a unique, energized flair to her routines.

She got her start on social media, posting videos of her dances on Instagram and YouTube. As her fan following grew and she started getting requests for master classes.

She realized that social media could be a great way to pursue a career as a professional dancer. As such, she turned to Instagram as a way to market herself and her dancing skills.

Emily Dobson’s professional dance career started when she started recording her dance moves and uploading them on social media. From here, she got fame, and later on, she got a chance to compete in National Dance Competition.

This made her world recognition and an offer from Moscow Contemporary Ballet Company for joining their group as a principal dancer. Her star did not stop there; she kept rising higher until she was rated as one of the biggest dancers in her generation.

Emily has participated in the U.S. National Dance Championships three years in a row and made it to the finals each time, proving her skill and prowess as a dancer. Her dancing ability led to an invitation to perform at the California Star Ball Event in 2018, where she was asked to dance with a professional partner at the event.

This boosted her career as a dancer, and her social media fan following started to grow rapidly.

Personal Life

Emily Dobson was born into an upper-middle-class family, in which her father was a successful businessman, and her mother managed the household. She was shy and reserved as a child but always enjoyed dancing. Her parents encouraged her creative side but also wanted her to have a practical skillset as well.

Emily took her first official dance class in her childhood, and it was there that she realized it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Dobson has grown up with her younger sister, Mea Dobson, who is also a social media personality who frequently posts on TikTok.

She is in a relationship with fellow actor Sawyer Sharbino. Sawyer is from an acting family, and his sister Sabrina is one of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Net Worth

Emily Dobson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This is a huge amount for someone who is still in her teens. She has earned this by her talent and dedication to dancing. Her primary income source is dancing and acting in the movies and television shows.

Right now, she is just 14; this means she has a long career ahead. Her net worth will be increased in upcoming years.

How Old is Emily Dobson? Closing Words

Emily Dobson has been the topic of discussion around the world, and she is not just another dancer in the American entertainment industry. There is something special in Emily Dobson that makes her stand out from all the others.

How Old is Emily Dobson? This is the most asked question on the internet today about Emily. Everyone is confused that she is turning 14 soon and has so much success. But they don’t know that Emily has worked hard and made herself worthy of this success.


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