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How Old Is Everleigh Labrant? Age, Full Name, Family, Net Worth

Everleigh Labrant age

Everleigh Rose Soutas is an American child celebrity, fashionista, and TikTok star who is famous around the globe. She gained popularity from her parent’s social accounts while joining social media of her own. She has become an internet sensation having millions of followers at a very young age. So, being a fan of this little star, you might want to know how old is Everleigh Labrant, her full name, father, net worth, social media, and relationships. This article will also tell you if Everleigh Labrant has Cancer.

How Old Is Everleigh Labrant?

Seeing the influencer dancing and singing, you might wonder about the age of Everleigh. Many fans want to know about her date of birth and age. Everleigh was born on December 14, 2012, in Orange County, California. Therefore, according to her date of birth, she is a talented Sagittarius born who is just nine years old.

Everlieigh’s Full Name

Though people know her as Everleigh Labrant, it is not her full name. The full name of the famous fashionista is Everleigh Rose Soutas. 

Everleigh’s Father and Mother

Cole Labrant is not the biological father of Everleigh Rose. She is the daughter of  Tom Smith and Savannah Rose. However, the relationship didn’t go well between the biological father and mother and Smith moved out of the relationship. However, he still supports his daughter.

Cole Labrant is the stepfather of Everleigh. It’s visible that Everleigh has a strong and beautiful relationship with her stepfather. They are the cutest father-daughter duo who record many hilarious and cute videos. Hence, she is a lucky child who gets the love of two fathers at once since both Cole Labrant and Tom Smith have an important place in her life.

Career and Net Worth

Everleigh began her career on an Instagram account managed by her mother. Because she now handles that Instagram account herself, your mind wonders how old is Everleigh Labrant?

How old is Everleigh Labrant

Labrant’s Instagram adventure has proven fruitful, as she has over 5 million followers, and these followers are increasing steadily. Therefore, she can earn significant money trough sponsored posts and promotions.

Following that, she joined the Tik Tok platform with her best friend Awa, which was also a hit for them. Additionally, she was linked with Vogue Australia and had the opportunity to participate in the Kardashian Kith campaign.

Moreover, she is an official member of the Labrant Family’s YouTube Channel, which has over 13 million followers. Besides, she collaborates with her mother on the Kids Clothing brand, making it popular in the US market. Thus, she’s made a lot of money and became extremely popular.

So, based on this successful social media adventure, as of 2022, Everleigh’s net worth is over $2 million.

Everleigh’s Relationships

The kid celebrity is single. However, fans have seen so many videos of Everleigh going on play dates with her friend and secret lover Caspian, a member of the Slyfox family’s YouTube channel.

Her parents recorded these videos showing that they are close friends and have even gone on Valentine’s Day dates. We have also seen Everleigh with another friend Diesel, her former dance partner and a good friend.

She has also been into dates with Diesel too. So, we are not sure with whom Everleigh is in a relationship now. Does it really matter at such a young age?

Social Media Activity

Social media is the reason for Everleigh’s popularity. She is most active on Instagram and YouTube. Here are more details on her activities:


She started her YouTube journey on April 4, 2016 when she submitted her first video. After 6 years on the platform, she has a huge fan following.

Everleigh generally uploads vlog videos on her YT channel. If we talk about her popularity, she currently has over 3.9 million subscribers and her video views range from 2-3 million, sometimes fewer and sometimes more.


The young star is a well-known Instagram personality who became popular by publishing photos with motivational quotes and Reels on her Instagram platform. She is known for publishing Diva photos in swimwear and fantastic attire with trendy styles.

Everleigh is well-known for her cool performance. As of August 2022, she has over 5 million followers on Instagram and an average of 400 to 650 thousand likes on each post.

Does Everleigh Labrant Have Cancer?

Her parents released a documentary on a YouTube channel, titles “She got diagnosed with Cancer”. However, they didn’t mention the name of the person they are referring to and that got fans confused.

This video resulted in a rumor that Everleigh was diagnosed with Cancer. Well, that was just a misunderstanding and untrue. So, the young dancer Everleigh Labrant doesn’t have any syndrome or Cancer. Everleigh is fit, healthy, and luckily does not have any disease at the moment.

It turns out that Posie, Everleigh’s half-sister, has been diagnosed with cancer. She was the subject of the video that caused a misunderstanding around Everleigh.

How Old Is Everleigh Labrant: Final Thoughts

Everleigh is a beautiful star who is talented and passionate. We have seen her becoming an internet sensation at a very young age and growing into a famous influencer. Her cute YouTube vlogs and Instagram posts are why she gets so much love from fans worldwide. Being a nine-year-old, she has massive fame and talent, which is rare nowadays.

Some people think her strong family background is why she is famous. However, dancing, singing, and acting are the talents that made her so famous, besides coming from a well-known family. We are sure that now you know how old is Everleigh Labrant. Moreover, you now know everything about the net worth, social media following, family, and relationship status.


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