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How Old Is Jace Norman? Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Dating …

jace norman age

Jace Norman is an emerging American actor and television personality. He is one of the youngest and most loved actors in this era. Jace started his career with his first show, ‘Henry Danger.’ Jace’s role was Henry Hart in that show which brought him amazing recognition and people started praising his acting talent. When he started his career, every kid loved him and his character. Today, we will cover a number of elements on him as a person, such as how old is Jace Norman, what’s his height and weight, who are his parents, etc.

How Old is Jace Norman?

Jace was born on the 21st of March 2000 in New Mexico. As of now, he is 22 years old.

Jace Norman’s Height and Weight

Jace’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, equal to 172 cm or 1.7 meters. His height is average for a man and he has great looks. Norman’s weight is 62kgs which is equal to 132lbs. Jace likes to keep himself in shape and also work on developing his muscular mass. He eats healthy food and follows a balanced lifestyle.

Early Life, Childhood, and Education

Norman was born and brought up in New Mexico. He spent his childhood with his parents and siblings. Jace got his education from a public school whose name is unknown. He played football and water polo while in school. However, he got bullied in middle school for being dyslexic, a reading disorder.

When Jace was 8 years old, he moved to southern California with his older sister and elder brother due to unknown reasons. During his childhood, he was a fan of animals and always played with his pets, bunnies, cats, and dogs. In his childhood, he and his elder brother used to make funny videos at home all the time, and he realized that he had an appetite to become an actor. That is why he always dreamed of joining an acting academy and becoming a leading actor.

When he told his parents about his passion, they were not that crazy about it at the beginning. But, after some time, he convinced them, and they supported him in his acting career. When he was 12, he got a small acting role in a television show, and after that, he never looked back.

Career and Achievements

Jace Norman started his professional acting career in 2012. He got his first role in a Disney show named Jessie. In that show, he played a guest role in an episode. Jace also got a role in the show named Deadtime Stories where he appeared in two episodes.

In 2014 Jace got a role in a Nickelodeon show named Henry Danger in which he played the role of Henry Hart. That show got him a lot of fame, and people started recognizing him. The kids started loving him and his character at that time, and he became quite famous.

This was the beginning of his successful acting career, but he was still a teenager. That is why everyone is wondering today how old is Jace Norman.

In 2015 he starred in the Nickelodeon movie Spitting Adams and in 2016, he also did a movie named Rufus. In 2017, he also performed in a sequel of Rufus. Jace also did a voice role in an animated movie named Spark, which was released in 2017. After that, in 2019, he came on Nickelodeon Movie Bixler High Private Eye in which he played the lead role.

His work did not initially bring him that much success, but he got lots of love when he started working in movies. It came from kids and grown-ups as well. He is one of the young actors loved by both.

His acting skills led him to many awards, such as the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for the favorite Male Star Constantly from 2017 to 2020. He also won the same award in 2021.

Jace Norman’s Family and Parents

Jace’s Mother’s name is Illeana Lee Norman, and his father’s name is Scott Norman.

Who is Jace Norman’s Girlfriend?

In 2017, a rumor went viral: Jace and his fellow actor are dating. People started believing that when they saw them on a trip to Santa Monica. But both of them made it clear that they are just friends and they are not dating each other

There was another rumor that he was dating his fellow actress Ella Anderson. The sparks were just on screen, but they both were good friends, and the relationship rumor was false.

how old is jace norman

Right now, Jace announced himself as single, but reports say he is in a relationship with Shelby Simmons. They both attended the Nickelodeon Awards together, which is why people believe they are dating. But the connection between them is not confirmed yet.

His Relationship with Isabella Moner

The young TV star was in a relationship with Isabella Moner back in 2016. The couple took their relationship to social media and posted pictures with each other. But the relationship did not last long, and they eventually split up.

Social Media

Jace is also active on social media; he has an Instagram account with the username ‘Jacenorman’ on which he has over 5 million followers. Also, Jace is on Twitter, and he has 302k followers. Finally, he has a YouTube channel with 963k subscribers.

Jace Norman’s Net Worth

Jace Norma’s net worth is estimated at approximately $3 million. He has earned all this from his acting skills by working in television shows and movies. It is also estimated that his net worth will go up in the near future because he was signed up for some big movie roles.

How Old is Jace Norman? Takeaways

Jace Norman is undoubtedly a popular actor, both with kids and adults but is also a good human being. That is why he has a huge fan following on social media.

He has had a lot of success at such a young age and this leads people to wonder how old is Jace Norman. Although he is in his early twenties, he already has earned a lot of fame and respect.

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