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How Old Is Lev Cameron? All About His Age, Height, Zodiac Sign & More!

Lev Cameron Age

Lev Cameron is an American who has been making YouTube videos for the past few years. He’s known best as a dancer, actor and YouTuber with over two million followers on his social media accounts! He is also a singer and songwriter who knows how to play many instruments, such as the piano and guitar, but his favorite instrument is the drums! But how old is Lev Cameron? It’s not always easy to keep track of celebrity ages, especially when they seem to be getting younger and younger. Thankfully, we have the answer right here! So read on to find out exactly what’s Lev Cameron age and much more. You might be surprised…

How Old is Lev Cameron Khmelev?

Lev Cameron’s age is currently 16 years old! Lev was born on the eleventh day of October 2005, making him a Libra if you’re interested in astrology. He has the zodiac sign of Libra and has a Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. A lot of his fans are actually pretty shocked by this, but they’re pleased to know that he isn’t 19 or 20, as many people believed.

What Grade Is Lev Cameron In?

Lev is an intelligent student who has been doing well in his studies. He enrolled himself at LA Valley College, where he is currently in his third year of high school.

He follows online and on campus classes while also preparing for bigger things like joining a prestigious university with ambitions to go far beyond just being local.

Lev Cameron Height

How tall is Lev? Lev Cameron height is one consideration that many people focus on, especially those who aren’t as familiar with him as his fans. He stands at an impressive five foot seven inches, the same height as many professional athletes, at the same age. He’s also slim, weighing just about 53 kg.

How Old is Lev Cameron

Who Is Lev Cameron?

Lev is a young dancer, actor and social media star who has been making videos online for over a year now. He’s best known as a YouTuber with a huge range of subscribers on his channel, which he reaches through videos of himself dancing around the house in some pretty crazy costumes!

The fun-loving star also plays many instruments, including the piano, drums and guitar. Lev is still very young, so what are his plans for his future? Well, they seem to be pretty ambitious!

Why Is He Famous?

Lev became famous through his YouTube videos, where he posts dance routines and vlogs for fans. He’s known best as a dancer and has amassed more than two million followers on Instagram. Lev is also very musically talented, explaining why he has learned to play more instruments, including the drums!

Dove Cameron is an actress who plays the role of Liv Rooney in Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie. Dove became extremely popular after being cast for this show, but she didn’t have a huge social media presence beforehand.

However, she currently has more than 7 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most followed teens online! Lev Cameron isn’t related to Dove Cameron, but they’re both very talented individuals who started their social media activities at a young age.

Is Lev Cameron Russian?

Lev Cameron is not of Russian descent as he was born in France and raised in California! Lev’s father is of Scottish and French descent, while his mother is of French and Mexican descent. In addition, he has a number of extended family members who live in Mexico City.

Lev Cameron Zodiac Sign

Lev is a Libra, which means he’s ruled by the planet Venus. Libras are super friendly and social, so it seems fair to say that Lev was born under the perfect star sign! He also has his Moon in Taurus and his Sun in Scorpio, making him unique and talented.

Movie Career

Lev Cameron appeared in various roles, from television series to movies. Last year, he appeared in a short film and then had his big break as Henry on “My Haunted House”, but it doesn’t stop there!

You may know him better from other TV shows like “Me + You” or “Evil Things”. In addition, he has starred across many different genres, including music videos with his girlfriend titled “Butterflies” which was released in 2021.

Parents and Siblings

Lev Cameron is the third son in a family that has always been involved with the business. His father, Mr. Cameron Khmeleva, is a businessman. His mother’s name is Irina Khmeleva also works at home managing their household duties while attending to Lev and his two older brothers. He has two older brothers who are currently pursuing their careers.

Birth Place

Fans and media query a lot on how old is Lev Cameron, but equally intriguing is his French roots. He was born and raised in a well-settled Christian family from France until they moved to California, where he currently attends high school. His family is originally from Brittany, France.

Lev’s Girlfriend

Lev Cameron is currently dating a social media star and YouTuber by profession, Piper Rockelle. Unfortunately, there has been no glimpse into his past relationships to date.

He’s way too young to worry about his love live for now!

Cameron’s Net Worth

Believe it or not, Lev Cameron’s net worth is estimated at around $2 to 3 million, while his yearly income is approximately $300 thousand. Furthermore, his annual earnings are expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, ultimately boosting his current capital exponentially!

How Old is Lev Cameron: Final Word

Lev Cameron is talented and has already achieved success in acting, music, dance and social media at a very young age. He’s got a bright future ahead of him!

We hope you enjoyed reading this story and found answers to your questions, such as how old is Lev Cameron? Keep coming back for more updates and news on your favorite celebrities!

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