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How Old Is Nick Bencivengo? Height, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth

How Tall Is Nick Bencivengo

Nick Bencivengo is a famous TikTok star and social media personality. He is quite famous among young teens. He makes hilarious comedy, dancing, and lip-syncing videos and uploads them on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels. Being a fan of Nick Bencivengo, it must be interesting to know how old is Nick Bencivengo.

So, let’s get to know his age, height, weight, family, girlfriend, and everything about him.

How Old Is Nick Bencivengo?

Nick Bencivengo is nearly 19 years old and living in Los Angeles. He was born on the 24th of June 2003, and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Nick Bencivengo is 5 feet 10 inches tall which is equal to 1.79 meters or 179 centimeters. The social media star weighs nearly 60 kg which is equal to 132 lbs.

Nick is a tall, white, and handsome guy with an amazing personality. He has dark black hair, dark brown eyes, and curly hair. He looks like the prince of the children’s books or movies.

How Old Is Nick Bencivengo

Early Life, Education and Childhood

Nick Bencivengo was born and raised in New Jersey. He was very talented from his childhood as once he told in a video that he started dancing at a very early stage. His family was very religious, and his mother taught him the Christian religion.

He is an American national and right now lives in Los Angeles with his family. Nick Bencivengo started schooling at a local middle school bases in New Jersey, and after that, he got admission to a local high school.

During his schooling, he started using social media, and this influenced him to be a part of it. So, he started making short comedy and acting videos and posting them on, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine.

Besides being active on social media, he also concentrates on his studies and always performs well in exams. He was a very bright student in his early life and used to take part in different dance and acting competitions at the school.

But, he always wanted to be a celebrity, and that is why he started using social media at a very age. Quickly he became famous, and his fan following started increasing.

After graduating from school, he didn’t take admission to College or University, and the reason is unknown. It is believed that he doesn’t want to study more because he is steadily becoming famous, and he wants to pursue acting and modeling as a career.

As a young boy growing up in New Jersey, Bencivengo often took solitary walks through the woods by his house and made TikTok videos. Nick has a passion for making videos and providing entertainment to his fans.

He is also an active member of the YouTube community and regularly uploads content to help those with where he is at in his own journey towards his future.

Career and Achievements

Nick Bencivengo is a self-made star and started his social media journey in 2018. Being one of the most famous TikToker, fans are curious to know how old is Nick Bencivengo. He is in his teen years and living the life of his dreams.

His TikTok career started in 2018, and he started making comedy videos and uploading them on different social media channels. Steadily, he started gaining fame, and his fan following started to increase.

At first, he only used to make comedy videos, but after getting a little famous, he started making other TikTok signature lip-syncing videos as well.

This boosted his fan following, and people started recognizing him as a successful TikTok. During his early career journey, he also started growing his Instagram and YouTube. This brought him millions of fan following.

So, Nick Bencivengo is a great example of someone dedicated to the TikTok industry. He has attended almost all TikTok community meetups and gatherings and hasn’t given up on his goals as a celebrity.

Currently, Nick has more than 4 million followers and 155+ million likes on his TikTok account. Besides that, he has 4,6200+ followers on his Instagram and 2,97000+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This shows how much successful his career is, and he will be a bigger star in the future.

Personal Life, Family and Love Life

Nick is a very humble and funny person in his personal life. His friends and fellow social media stars revealed that he is a very energetic and kind-hearted person. He knows how to keep the party alive with his hilarious jokes and sense of humor.

Nick Bencivengo is quite famous among girls due to his handsome and astonishing looks and personality. But, there is a bad news for all the girls who have a crush on him. He is married and living a happily married life with his wife named, Symonne Harrison.

She is also a TikToker and social media influencer who has a huge fan following. The couple got married in January 2022 after dating for some years. They are deeply in love with each other, and that is why they got married at such a young age.

Nick Bencivengo’s wife, Symonne, is a talented actress and model who has worked in Hollywood and television. The couple seems very happy living with each other, and they don’t have any children right now. It also seems that they are not prepared to have children right now because they have to focus on their careers.

Nick Bencivengo’s Net Worth

Nick Bencivengo’s net worth is around $700k, which he has earned through YouTube and brands promotion. His major source of income is modeling, brands promotion, and social media. He recently bought a house in Los Angeles, and this shows how rich he is.

How Old Is Nick Bencivengo? Final Words

How Old Is Nick Bencivengo is the question that comes into mind after knowing his net worth. Although he is just 19, he got a lot of money to live his life with his wife. He is becoming more famous day by day, and fans will see him working in movies or on television in the future.

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