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How Old Is Noah Beck? All About His Personal Life And Net Worth

Noah Beck net worth

There is no way that you are a Millennial or a Gen-Z, and you don’t know about Noah Beck. And if you know about him, there is no way that you won’t be looking for the answer to how old is Noah Beck.

He is a young, talented, handsome social media influencer who has caused this rage all over social media, especially among girls, because of his looks and style. He mainly became famous due to his TikTok videos. He mainly makes sports, lifestyle, fitness, and fashion-related content, which is very common among the youngsters.

Many people search about how old is Noah Beck, and to know about this and a lot more about his life. Here is all you need to know, read on.

How old is Noah Beck?

Noah Beck was born on Friday, May 4 2001. This makes him 20 years old, and he will be 21 soon, as of date of writing this story. He was born in Peoria. It is a town in Arizona state. He was brought up there for most of his early life. His zodiac sign is Taurus, and considering the zodiac sign, he has even proved to be a very family-oriented person. He likes to be there for his family at all times.

What is Noah Beck’s real name?

Noah Beck’s real name is Noah Timothy Beck. Quite surprisingly, his real name is what he is now famous for. As the name Noah is quite short on its own, so his nickname is Noah itself.

His religion

As for the religion, he hasn’t been quite vocal about it. What we know from the sources is that he is a Christian. His ethnicity is German-British, although his current nationality as per his birth is American.

How Old is Noah Beck

Noah Beck’s height

Quite surprisingly, after the search on how old is Noah Beck, the most searched thing is his height. Noah Beck is 5 feet and 11 inches (that is 1.8 meters) in height. He has quite a muscular body with a bicep of 21 inches. His body measurement is 43-30-36. Considering this muscular body, he has maintained his body weight quite well and is just 57 kilograms.

His muscular physique is already a plus point to his personality, and to top it with, he has platinum brown hair and dark brown eyes. Who could resist that?

Noah Beck’s education

Noah Beck had his early education from Arizona and is currently enrolled in the University of Portland. He is supposed to complete his graduation from this university, and there isn’t much information about his majors. Although some sources say that he completed his freshman year and dropped out, we don’t have validation for this source.

Noah as a kid

Noah Beck was involved in sports as a kid, and he has always been into soccer. He went to Ironwood High School, and was soccer their team captain. Moving on, he has been in the team in the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program from 2014 to 2017. In his high school years, he had been associated with the team Real Salt Lake Academy in Utah.

Noah Beck Family

Noah Beck is not the only one famous on social media platforms. Noah has two sisters Haley and Tatum and both of them are quite famous on ticktock and have gained a lot of followers. His cousin Holly Beck is also a famous social media personality.

Noah’s sister Tatum Beck was born on September 29, 1999. She is 22 years old. His other sister Haley was June 14, 1998. She is 23 years old.

Noah Beck Parents

Noah’s parents have been very supportive of their sun and all their children in their social media careers. However, Noah has not shared much info about her parents.

Noah Beck’s Career

His career started from his TikTok account, where he used to post videos of different genres. His main forte was lifestyle, fun, and fitness. The competition was quite tough there, and he worked quite hard to maintain his identity there. As he started gaining followers, he started posting more frequently and became quite famous through it.

He then took his fame to other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.  He diversified his audience, and to his luck, he got a great response all over.

Sway House

He is currently a sway house member, which has many other fellow Tiktokers. His huge popularity allowed him to become a member of this group.

He is currently having many brands’ paid content and offers. He has his own merchandise, and all this sponsored content is gaining him a great deal of moolah.

Noah Beck’s Personal life

Noah beck had been very private about his personal life before when it came to dating. However, he could not hide away from the paparazzi and had been seen with a fellow Tiktoker Dixie.

Noah Beck and Dixie

Dixie is an American singer and sister of a famous Tiktoker, Charlie. She was good friends with Noah as soon as he moved to Los Angeles, and both of them have been seen together quite many times. Recently Noah himself confirmed that he had been dating Dixie by an Instagram post.

TV shows he has been in

Noah has been in the show Noah Beck tries things on Awesomeness TV. The first season aired in January 2021 and has six episodes. The second season is also in the pipeline. 

Did Noah Beck play on iCarly?

Noah Beck did not play Gibby in iCarly. It was Noah Munck.

Is Noah Beck one of the youngest social media influencers?

Noah is one of the youngest social media influencers who gained fame at such a young age, and he has been handling it quite well lately.

His net worth

Noah Beck’s source of income is paid sponsorships, paid brand deals, and promotions. It is believed that he takes $40,000 to $100,000 per contribution. His net worth as of last year was around $500,000. He is for sure the richest Tiktokers of his age in the world.

How old is Noah Beck in 2021?

Now I hope that all of you know how old is Noah Beck? As of 2021, he is 20 years old and running a strong and famous social media career!

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