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How Tall Is Julian Newman? Height, Family, Career, Net Worth + More

Julian Newman Height

Julian Newman is a basketball player who became famous in 2012 through videos that went viral on YouTube. He is currently one of the famous basketball point guards in the inter-school championship. He has hundreds of thousands of fans who are curious to know how tall is Julian Newman.

So, let’s get to know everything about him in detail.

How Tall Is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is 5 feet 7 inches tall, equal to 1.70 meters or 170 centimeters. He is not taller than the average American, but his unbelievable basketball skills made him famous all over America.

On the weigh scale he shows nearly 64 kg, which equals 141 pounds. If we compare his BMI and height, he has a perfect body, thanks to his youth, sports lifestyle and physical activities in which he has been involved since childhood.

Birthdate and Age

Julian Newman was born on the 6th of September 2001 in Orlando. He will turn 21 in a few months.

Julian Newman’s Zodiac Sign

Julian Newman is a Virgo, which means he has a bit of an analytical mind and is detail-oriented. He also has a strong work ethic, making him great at what he does.

Virgos are known for being a highly organized and critical thinkers. They are also very meticulous, which means they must ensure everything is perfect before moving on to the next thing.

Julian has always been someone who keeps things neat and tidy in his life. So this may explain why he has such a strong sense of organization when it comes to how things should be done.

Early Life and Education

Julian Newman was born and brought up in Orlando. He is a famous basketball star who started playing basketball with his father in his childhood. When he was only 3 years old, his father discovered that he was interested in sports, so he started playing different games with him.

How tall Julian Newman

As Julian is growing up, he starts to play basketball with his father, who coached him and taught him different all the techniques.

His father used to train him for 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the evening regularly, which is why Julian became so good at it.

Julian attended different schools in Orlando in his early education days but didn’t find much interest in studies, and that is why he dropped out from most programs.

But when he joined Downey Christian School, he got a chance to play basketball for the school’s team. It was like a dream come true situation for him, and it gave him an incentive to focus on studies while performing on the court.

While at 5th grade, he played with his school’s team in an inter-school game, and someone recorded a video of his excellent play.

The video got viral, and he became famous all over America for his amazing basketball skills. That’s how his journey to play professional basketball started.

Career and Struggle

Julian Newman’s pro career hasn’t started yet because he is very young. But he already has millions of fans around the globe. People are curious to know how tall is Julian Newman because he looks so short on the screen!

When Newman started playing basketball in his freshman year at Middle School. He quickly became a star player on the court and was named team captain in a few months.

He went on to play inter-school championships for three years and collected many awards, including the love of the audience! After winning regional championships and making it to the Final Four Nationals in each of those years, he is ready to play professionally.

He played basketball for two years at high school and helped win a national championship in his junior year. He then transferred to another high school, where he played for another year, winning yet another national championship.

After graduating from high school, Newman spent some time training at his father’s camp and is now evaluating what’s his next step in his professional career.

Parents and Siblings

Julian Newman’s parents’ names are Jamie Newman (Father) and Vivian Gonzalez (Mother). His father is a former Basketball player who played professionally for several years.

Julian Newman also has a sister whose name is Jaden Newman. Nothing much is known about her professional life, but she is famous on social media platforms due to her hot figure and sensational looks.

Love Life

There are rumors of Julian Newman dating some social media influencer. But they are not true because Julian has denied the news and told the media that he is focused on his basketball career.

Julian Newman’s Net Worth

Julian Newman’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which is huge for a boy who is nearly 21 years old. He has earned all of this by playing hard on the field and winning championships during his high school career.

How Tall Is Julian Newman? Closing Comments

Julian Newman is a new basketball player who hasn’t played at the Pro level yet. His fans are curious to know how tall is Julian Newman because he is shorter than the typical NBA player which might be a major disadvantage. But height doesn’t matter when you have strong skills. We are sure that Julian Newman will work his way into the professional world one way or another.

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