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Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Brothers, Sisters, Tattoos, Etc.

Lewis Hamilton dating Camila Kendra

Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One driver from Britain who has been racing professionally since 2001. He has won two world championships and holds the record for most F1 victories by a British driver. Fans around the globe want to know more about the person and ask who is Lewis Hamilton girlfriend, brother, sister and what’s his height and weight?

So, let’s get to know everything about his personal and love life.

Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend

Lewis Hamilton is famous for being in a relationship with celebrities, models, actresses, etc. Right now, he is in a relationship with Camila Kendra. She is a model, actress, and social media influencer.

Camila is famous amongst young people because of her hot and sensual Instagram photos and videos. Camila and Hamilton started dating a few months ago, and now are going into a more long-term romantic relationship.

Lewis has not publicly revealed his relationship with Camila yet, but the couple has been spotted together at various places.

Birthdate and Age

Lewis Hamilton was born on the 7th of January 1985 in Hertfordshire, UK. Right now, he is 37 years old and living a happy life.

Lewis Hamilton’s Zodiac Sign

His zodiac sign is Capricorn. That is why his personality is so strong. He is a person who always works hard and wants to be successful in life. He has high goals and ambitions in life. His zodiac sign portrays well how determined and courageous he is.

He has strong work ethics and drive to succeed in all he does. He has a great sense of responsibility toward others and always wants to help those around him. This has made him very successful in his career as well as in his personal life.

In terms of relationships, he tends to be very loyal to his friends, family members, and other people close to him. He also likes to take care of people close to him because he understands how important someone else’s happiness is.

Height and Weight

Lewis Hamilton’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, equal to 1.75 meters or 175 centimeters. On the other hand, his weight is 73 kg, equal to 160 lbs.

Lewis Hamilton’s Tattoos

His hand tattoos relate to different stories of his life. Some tattoos mean wisdom and while other are linked to life achievements.

His first tattoo is of a hand with an old man’s face, which describes “wit” and “wisdom”.’ This tattoo tells that he has learned from his past experiences, which is why he was able to achieve so much success in his life.

His second tattoo is of a UFO, which describes victory & triumph. It indicates that he has overcome many problems in his life and has come up on top.

So, he has plenty of tattoos on his body, all of which describe something important about his life.

There are also some tattoos on his body that represent Lewis Hamilton girlfriend.

Early Life and Education

Lewis Hamilton was born and brought up in England. His father was black while his mother was a white, explaining why Hamilton has a tone skin color.

He has faced racism due to the color of his skin when he was young, which helped him build a carapace to withstand the harsh realities of life. When he was very young, his parents divorced and he ended up living with her mother.

But he always wanted to live with his father because he was very attached to him. His father was also close to him and he tried every way to get his son back in his life. But, according to England’s law, Lewis had to live with his mother until he turned 12.

Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend

When he started living with his father, he developed an interest for car racing. He used to watch races on the television for hours. His father saw his interest and supporting him to become a car racer.

Lewis Hamilton started his early education at a local school, but later on, his father got him admitted to The John Henry Newman Catholic School.

He successfully graduated from there and started car racing as a career.

Family & Siblings

His parents are Anthony Hamilton (Father) and Carmen Larbalestier (Mother).

His father played a very big role in Lewis Hamilton’s racing career as he used to do multiple jobs and work 12 hours a day to support his son financially. When Lewis started racing, his father used to work in a corporate office as an IT Manager, but his pay wasn’t enough to support his son’s dreams.

So, he left the job and started working in different jobs until he established his own IT Company. So, his father was a driving factor in Lewis becoming a successful formula 1 car racer.

Lewis Hamilton has 3 siblings, and their names are:

  • Nicolas Hamilton (Brother)
  • Samantha Lockhart (Sister)
  • Nicola Lockhart (Sister)

Dating History

Lewis Hamilton has dated several young celebrities in the past. First, he started dating Danielle Lloyd in 2002, but their relationship didn’t last long, and they broke up the same year. After that, he quickly started dating Jodia Ma, and their relationship lasted for 4 years.

Hamilton  has dated more than 8 women since 2002, and he is now in a relationship with Camila Kendra.

Here are the names of women that he has had a relationship with in the past.

  • Lotta Hintsa
  • Vivian Burkhardt
  • Nicole Scherzinger
  • Rihanna
  • Veronica Valle
  • Rita Ora

Did He Have A Relationship With Nicki Minaj?

In 2018, Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton confirmed the news that they were dating each other. But, after a few months, they broke up. That was a short affair!

Does He Have Children?

No, Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have any children, and it looks like he hasn’t planned for a family yet.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $285 million, which he has earned throughout his car racing career.

Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend: More on Her

Camila Kendra, Lewis Hamilton girlfriend, has been a model for many top American designers. She was born in Dominican Republic but, at the age of 3, her parents moved to Miami, Florida. Her social media stardom has allowed her to make big money by commercializing several brand products. She is, no doubt, a successful woman who can match Lewis’ own success and popularity.

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