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Maya Brady Parents | Her LINK With Tom Brady and Biography Details

Maya Brady Family

A softball player and an athlete, Maya Brady is American. She is known for her career as a softball player, but she is famous because she is Tom Brady’s niece, who is the most successful and well-known quarterback in NFL history. In today’s post, I will cover topics such as Maya Brady parents, her age, weight, career, and all other biography details.

Maya Brady Parents: Who Are They?

Maya Brady was born in city of Hillsdale, in the state of Michigan in 2001. Her mother is Maureen Brady, who has been a Dodgeball player during her high school days.

Her father is Brian Timmons and his career or talent is unknown but it can be safely stated that that she got her athletic gene much more from her mother.

Maya Brady’s Early Life

Maya Brady was born in 2001, and she has been interested in softball since her childhood. She started playing softball when she was four years old.

Maya studied at the Oaks Christian, a High School in Westlake Village, CA and later on, she studied at the University of California, and there she joined their official softball team. She belongs to a Christian family, and she has one sister, Hannah Brady, who is younger than her.

Maya Brady’s Age

Tom’s nice was born in 2001, and as of today, she is 20 years old and enjoying her career in softball.

Maya’s Zodiac Sign

Her zodiac sign is Virgo, who are considered kind and sympathetic people, and all these traits are seen in Maya Brady too.

Maya Brady Parents

Maya Brady’s Height and Weight

Her weight is not confirmed by reliable sources but a media once reported her weight to be 57 kilograms which is roughly 126 lbs.

She appears to be taller than the average American woman. Some sources report her at 5 feet and 8 inches while some people claim that she is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her height in centimeters would the therefore be 173 cm.

What is Maya Brady’s Relation with Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is her uncle, and she has not talked much about him in the media.

Tom Brady was raised in San Mateo, California with his sisters Maureen, Nancy and Julie. He is the youngest of the family.

Maya Brady’s Career

Maya Brady was in High School when she started her professional career, and she is known as a rising softball star at UCLA. She is also referred to as the “Derek Jeter” of the team by her team’s coach. As a result of hitting .558, she was named the Los Angeles Daily News Player of the year.

In high school, she was a middle infielder, but when she transferred to the University of California in LA, and made the softball team, she went to the right-field position.

She was also named the American Freshman player of the year in softball.

Also, Maya Brady got the 2nd spot in Flosoftball ‘s National rankings because of her performance in the 2019 to 2020 season.

Maya Brady’s performance has been dramatically exposed to the media in 2021 because her uncle, Tom Brady, noticed her hard work and praised her on Twitter by calling her the most dominant athlete in the Brady family.

All the credit goes to her and Maya Brady parents because they never stopped supporting her at every stage of her life.

Maya Brady Net Worth

Maya Brady is new to the field of pro sports, and she has yet to reach the level of other pro sports but her net worth is estimated to be between $100k-$500k.

She has worked very hard since her high school days and still is to not only to make her name but also to create personal wealth and follow the footsteps of her uncle, Tom Brady.

Maya Brady’s Boyfriend

Maya Brady hasn’t mentioned a lot about her relationships and who she is dating as she has kept her love life private, but there are some reports that indicate she is involved with Garth White.

It is rumored that they have been together for the last three years, and they celebrated their relationship’s 3rd anniversary in January 2021.

Some Facts About Maya Brady

  • Maya Brady’s coach once said that she is the most talented and consistent player on the team as she strives to always do her best for the team.
  • Her preparation for the 12th Nation Championship is being assisted by Kelly Inouye Perez at UCLA.
  • Maya Brady likes watching Hollywood movies and recently it has been revealed that she is a die-hard fan of Tom Cruise when it comes to male actors. She also loves Emma Watson from the core of her heart when it comes to Hollywood actresses.
  • She likes black, red, and brown colors, and she is often seen wearing these colors.
  • Her favorite holiday destinations are Norway, Manchester, and Paris.
  • When it comes to food, her choice is a little bit different than the common people. This could be because she is an athlete, and that is why she likes milk, sprouts, and brown bread
  • She also likes to go shopping, travel, and watch Netflix.
  • Maya was motivated by her mother’s hard work and commitment. Her mother was her living example, and she took inspiration from her in her career.
  • She usually begins her day by turning on her laptop and chatting with people.
  • Maya Brady also likes to go meet patients as a local home care nurse.
  • She used to do archery as well, and she got a head injury from practicing the sport.
  • It is also said that Maya keeps her family a priority.

Maya Brady Parents: Concluding Notes

Maya Brady is no doubt a skillful athlete, and she has remarkably proved herself in the field of softball already. But she will keep rising up in the ranks of that sport and that day is near when Maya Brady Parents will see their daughter reach new heights and fame.


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