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Michael Cera Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height, Zodiac Sign + More

michael cera girlfriend

Michael Austin Cera is a Canadian actor and musician, and voiceover artist. He is well known for his quirky and humorous movies. He started his career as a voice artist and became famous for having leading roles in Superbad and Arrested Development. If we talk about Michael Cera’s personal life, he keeps it private and doesn’t like to reveal much. Here’s our story on Michael Cera wife, age, net worth, height, zodiac sign and much more!

Michael Cera Wife

Cera keeps his personal life extremely private. But the journalists always find a way to provide the news to curious fans. In 2018, some media noticed that Michael was a wedding ring and his co-star revealed that the couple that the couple recently get married.

Michael and his wife Nadine probably tied the knot in 2017 or 2018. They have had one child together , however, Cera has never disclosed much information about his family. He loves a secretive lifestyle, and only a few are really in the know.

Birthdate and Age

He was born on the 7th of June 1988, In Brampton, Canada. Currently, he is 34 years old.

Zodiac Sign

According to Michael’s birthday, his zodiac sign is Gemini. His personality is exactly what you’d expect from a Gemini: energetic, curious, and highly adaptable.

He loves to learn new things and tries to understand how things work; he has few friends, likes to help people out, can be very outgoing sometimes, and thinks about things for hours.

Michael has a positive outlook on life and his potential as an actor. He has a very effervescent personality that makes him seem like he’s always in high spirits or laughing at something funny.

Height and Weight

Michael Cara’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, equal to 1.76 meters or 176 centimeters. On the other hand, Michael’s weight is nearly 65 kg, equal to 143 lbs.

michael cera wife

Eye Color, Hair Color, and Ethnicity

Michael’s eye color is black. His original hair color is also black. His ethnicity mixes Italian, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, and English.

Early Life, Childhood, and Education

Cera was born and grew up in Brampton. His parents are Linda and Luigi Cera.

Michael’s father was a technician. His parents worked together at Xerox. His father is Italian, and his mother is a mix of Irish, Dutch, Scottish, and English.

Michael has two sisters, Jordan Cera and Molly Cera.

Cera took his early education from 3 different schools, Conestoga Public School, Robert H Lagerquist Senior Public School, and Heart Lake Secondary School. After completing his education till grade 12 through online classes, he started his quest to become an actor. He has been passionate about becoming an actor since his childhood. He joined The Second City, in Toronto, to take improvisation classes.

Career Highlights

His first acting gig came up when he appeared in the Tim Hortons summer camp commercial. He did not get paid for this first appearance, but he did it because this would bring him some experience.

Michael’s first break was with the Emmy-winning animated series “Rollie, Pollie Olie.” Michel’s other big project was the television series “Arrested Development” which was a massive hit and won many Emmy awards. At that time, he also performed as Larrabe Hicks in the Canadian children’s show I Was a Sixth Grade Alien.

Famous Movies

He played in various movies and television shows and is well known for his comedy roles. Here is the list of some of his hit movies.

  • Frequency
  • Superbad
  • Juno
  • Extreme movie
  • Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist
  • Paper Heart
  • Year one
  • The end of love
  • Molly’s Game
  • Tyrel
  • Gloria Bell

Michael Cera Social Media Fan Following

Michael Cera is a man who keeps his personal life a secret. He doesn’t have an Instagram account, but a social media account on Twitter. As of July 2022, he has just 1900 followers. This is not typical of popular actors and celebrities!

Love Life

Michael believes in keeping his personal life secret. That’s why secrecy is the one thing that is common in Michael Cera’s all previous relationships. He is married now, but people still don’t know much about Michael Cera Wife.

Dating with Charlyne Yi

There were rumors that Michael has dated Charlyne Yi, but Michael remained silent on it. This relationship was said to last from 2006 to 2009. Yi had denied all the rumors at the time, stating categorically that she never was in a relationship with Cera.

Dating with Aubrey Plaza

Michael got into a relationship with Aubrey Plaza in 2009. He was romantically involved with his fellow actress for more than a year before it ended. The couple also kept their relationship away from the eyes of the media.

But as you know, relationships cannot be hidden for long. Aubrey Plaza revealed his relationship with Michael after almost four years. She said, in a RuPaul podcast, that she had been in a secret relationship with Michael for almost one and a half years and they were about to get married in Vegas. But she didn’t share more details about why they eventually broke up.

Michael Cera Wife: Conclusion

As of 2022, Michael Cera’s net worth is approximately $20 million. He is 34 years old and a successful millionaire. He has built his fortune by establishing himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Michael is one of the very talented people in the industry. People love him due to his humorous films and the voiceovers. But he is also famous for his mysterious lifestyle, hence the secrecy around Michael Cera Wife.

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