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Ryan Garcia Net Worth | How Rich is the Boxing Star?

How tall is Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia is very popular in the world of sports. Especially for boxing lovers. Ryan Garcia’s title of  WBC interim lightweight has led to his fame. The Champion was born in August 1998 in California. Apart from his successful career, Ryan Garcia net worth is also noticeable through his flashy cars.  The boxer, known as the flash or KingRy, is rated amongst the best worldwide boxers according to various publications such as The Ring magazine.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much Does He Make per Fight?

Ryan Garcia net worth accumulated from the substantial amount of money he makes for every fight. His Career turned to a better place when he signed a five-year contract with Golden Boy Entertainment, earning him mid six-figure on average per fight.

The deal has been lucrative, creating him profit from all his social media posts on Instagram and Tik Tok. According to boxing sources, Ryan’s annual earnings is estimated at $1,5 million.


Amateur career

Ryan Garcia’s story is not about luck but hard work. The Champion started boxing at the age of 7. Ryan Garcia’s passion for boxing was noticeable through his various wins from a young age. While still young, he won the amateur national championship 15 times.

Professional career

Years later, at the age of 17, Ryan Garcia joined the professional level. His first match as a professional boxer was against Edgar Meza, which he won by TKO. His win in his first match showed his potential to attract a contract deal signed in November 2016 with Golden Boy.

Ryan Garcia net worth started to significantly increase as a result of this deal.

After signing the contract, Ryan Garcia’s first match was held on December 17, 2016, at the Smith-Hopkins main event, which he won.

September 2019 saw Ryan decide to extend his contract with Golden Boy for five years.

Ryan has undoubtedly worked hard to achieve the title he currently possesses. He started way back from an amateur and has risen to a worldwide recognized boxing champion.

Ryan Garcia Height

Ryan, famously nicknamed KingRy, has won several marches against famous boxers such as Romero Duno and Francisco Fonseca. Ryan’s match against Romero Duno will remain memorable for a very long time as this specific match awarded him his WBC title.

Ryan had fought in many matches, but one that stood out was when he broke the unbeaten strike of Luke Campbell. As a professional boxer, Campbell had never been knocked down until the match against Ryan held on January 2, 2021.

The match was greatly anticipated, especially after rescheduling as a result of Campbell contracting Coronavirus. Ryan’s and Campbell’s fans will remember this day as a historic day when Campbell had his last match and when Ryan Garcia once again proved his boxing skills.

Ryan Garcia Lost matches

Every Champion has his fair share of challenges, and so did Ryan. As a boxer, Ryan has performed outstandingly, but in some instances has disappointed his fans.

On July 9, 2021, the scheduled match took away Ryan’s title as the world’s WBC lightweight champion.  Although KingRy did not fight, he withdrew from the match and was replaced by Joseph Diaz.

According to information released by Mike Coppinger, Ryan withdrew because of a hand injury. This is amongst the most disappointing days Ryan has faced as he had the best shot at reclaiming his championship.

Charity and Foundation

Ryan has become a household name with a huge social media account following. The boxer has on several occasions contributed towards various philanthropy initiatives.


Ryan Garcia’s only known endorsement is Gym shark. However, he may have more behind closed doors. Gym shark has played a part in building Ryan Garcia net worth.

Parents and Family

Ryan Garcia’s family has been very supportive throughout his Career. Ryan’s come from a seven-member family. His parents Henry and Lisa, are Mexican nationalities. Ryan has been raised with four other siblings: three sisters Kayla, Sasha, demi, and his famous boxer brother Sean.

Starting from his childhood, his parents have been actively involved in Ryan’s Career. While still a young boy, his father played the role of trainer, which he still does today. His mother, Lisa, has, on the other hand, handled all administrative functions.

Ryan Garcia is a family man with two daughters. Little is known about his family, but he has a wife and kids. Ryan Garcia has also openly shown his religious side through a baptism video on his social media accounts.

His family has been a constant motivation towards achieving greater results. Garcia’s father would say boxing runs in the blood as the brother is also a professional boxer.

 In terms of nationality, Ryan Garcia is an American by birth. However, he still tries to balance his Mexican heritage, noticeable during his matches where he arrives with both flags. If you are careful enough, you should notice his blend of blue-white and red colors signifying the two countries. 

What Car Does He Drive?

Ryan Garcia’s love for cars has never been a secret. KingRy social media accounts demonstrate how flashy his tastes are.

Ryan’s known cars include a Porsche, a Ferrari, an audio RS Seven, and a Lamborghini.

Ryan Garcia is not shy from showing his cars to the works and has attributed this to his hard work. In a recent video posted on one of his social media accounts, he took the time to explain and demonstrate the features of his Ferrari.

Undoubtedly, Garcia’s garage content is quite valuable, particularly with the eye-catching Lamborghini. The car is classy, and KingRy expressed his joy in owning one. The cars are worth spending on of course with Ryan Garcia net worth what else could you spend it on?

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

With such a successful career, Ryan Garcia net worth will keep increasing over time. He has more fights to conquer at a young age, and his fans are certainly eager to see him boxing for many years to come.

Also anticipate deals signed with different sponsors and brands, especially now that he has also become a social media personality.


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