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Theo Von Net Worth, Family, Age, Girlfriend, Hometown, and Way More

Theo Von age

Theo Von is a Stand-Up comedian from America. He is also a podcaster, television actor, and a Youtuber. Theo is one of the most popular entertainers in Hollywood. People love him on the comedy stage because he sarcastically discusses events and incidents in his life. Theo became famous when he competed on a popular TV show called Road Rules which aired on MTV. In this story, we will cover what’s Theo Von net worth and personal info such as family, age, girlfriend, and way more.

Theo Von Net Worth

The comedian’s net worth is evaluated roughly at $ 1 million; he has earned all this from his stand-up comedy work and podcast shows.

Birthdate and Age

Theo was born on the 19th of March 1980 in the state of Louisiana. He is currently 42 and going strong in his professional career.

What’s his Real Name?

Theo Von’s real name is Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski. When he started working in the entertainment industry, he changed his name to something more sexy and easy to remember.

Theo Von’s Zodiac Sign

Theo Von is a Pisces, and his personality is exactly as expected. He’s incredibly compassionate and empathetic, so he’s always looking to help others. He’s also very sarcastic and fantasizes about everything, which can be frustrating when people don’t reciprocate with his feelings.

However, he is also incredibly loyal to those who deserve it; he’ll go above and beyond for those he loves. When he’s feeling down or upset about something, it can be hard for him to get his perspective back on track because of this trait.

As a Pisces, he can be sensitive and emotional but also very reflective. He’s very aware of his own emotions and can also understand how others feel. He’s compassionate and sensitive to those around him and always ready to lend a helping hand when needed.

Theo Von Net Worth

Where is Theo Von from?

Theo Von is from Covington, Louisiana, where he was raised with his siblings. Covington is a small and well-maintained city in the heart of Louisiana.

Von grew up in a small family where he was the second child and had to take care of his younger siblings. He had a very strict upbringing by his veteran military parents. During his childhood, Theo had to learn how to cook and clean while being raised by his parents.

Height and Weight

Theo’s height is 6 feet, which is equal to 1.83m. Theo’s height is average for a male and he has great looks and body shape. His weight is 75 kg which is equal to 165lb. He maintains his body in shape by following a healthy lifestyle.

Early Life and Childhood

Theo’s ancestries are Italian-Irish. He was an active and energetic child in his childhood, and he always made jokes and fun around him. Theo’s mother, Gina Capitani, was a housewife, and his father, Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski, was a real estate developer. When Theo was born, his father’s age was 70.

Von completed his high school education at Mandeville High School in Louisiana. He was then admitted to Loyola University for a short period, but soon he left the university due to unknown reasons. Theo was also admitted to the University of Arizona and Santa Monica College, but he never attended the institution. In 2011 Theo got his undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans.

Career and Achievements

Theo Von started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2000 while also studying at university. So, it was an early start in the business, and, for that reason, people believe he has made a lot of money. Hence the question on Theo Von net worth.

The entertainer has had a long and successful career as an actor, comedian, and host. His first major role came in the television series The Challenge, but he has also appeared in many other shows such as:

  • Theo Von: Regular People
  • Road Rules
  • Battle of the Network Reality Stars
  • Reality Bites Back
  • Deal with It
  • This is Stand-Up

Besides that, he has also played in movies, and some of the more famous are:

  • The Tomorrow War
  • Theo Von: No Offense
  • InAPPropriate Comedy
  • Dying Laughing
  • Bobby Khan’s Ticket to Hollywood Film

Theo Von’s Parents and Siblings

Theo is very close to his family. Theo’s father is of Italian-Irish descent. Theo’s mother, Gina Capitani, belongs is of Polish English descent.

Theo has an older brother and two younger sisters whose names are unknown.

Girlfriend and Relationships

Theo is currently single, but he has been in some serious relationships in the past.

In 2003 he was in a relationship with Sarah Greyson, and in 2016 he got into a new relationship with Brandi Glanville.

In 2020, there were rumors of Theo Von getting engaged to someone, but it wasn’t true. He hasn’t been engaged to anyone and his dating life is pretty quiet. He is living a bachelor’s life and seems happy with it.

Relationship between Theo Von and Joe Rogan

In 2020 Theo did two podcasts, and he many popular guests on his show, one of them being Joe Rogan. Later on, Theo and Joe did a podcast together, which got millions of views, which is why their chemistry is so popular on social media. Joe is also a podcaster and a comedian. Their podcast is available on many social media platforms.

Theo Von Net Worth: Takeaways

You can the comedian on social media talking about his career or hanging out with his fans when he’s not on stage performing or behind-the-scenes working on new projects. He is a nice soul who regularly interacts with his fans.

Theo Von net worth is somewhat modest considering he has been working in the industry for more than two decades. However, he still has a lot of great years ahead of him and has yet many projects to turn into a true success.

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