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Tokyo Vanity Real Name, Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth and More

Tokyo Vanity Height

Tokyo Vanity is a rapper, singer, and social media personality. Vanity became famous for the first time when her song That’s My Best Friend got viral. She is also famous for her thoughts about her sex life and her body. Tokyo got a huge fan following in the past few months, and people are curious to find out what is Tokyo Vanity real name.

So, let’s discuss everything about her.

Tokyo Vanity Real Name

Tokyo Vanity’s real name is Shantel Allen. She changed her real name because it was difficult to pronounce and remember. She always wanted to be a rapper and singer, and that is why she had to change her name.

Date of Birth and Age

Tokyo Vanity was born on the 28th of September 1994 in New Orleans. According to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Libra. As of now, she is 27 years old and living a happy family life.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Tokyo is 5 feet 6 inches tall, equal to 1.70 meters or 170 centimeters. She weighs nearly 70 kg which is equal to 155 lbs. She is trying to lose some pounds as you can see, she is overweight.

Her overweight personality is also a prominent factor in her fame.

Tokyo Vanity Real Name

Early Life and Childhood

Tokyo Vanity real was born and brought up in New Orleans. There is no information available about her parents because she doesn’t like to share her personal life with anyone. Upon asking her mother and father many times, she just said that her parents supported her throughout her life.

Tokyo received her early education from a local school based in her town. The name of the school is unknown. Later on, she joined Huntington high school in Shreveport for her further education. During her schooling, she faced racism and was also bullied by her schoolmates for being too big at that age.

Once, she said that everyone in her school had bullied her and made jokes about her. These all things make her angry, but she used all the anger to develop herself, and right now, she is a famous rapper in America.

She started singing when she was just 10 years old. She used to sing along with her friends in school. Tokyo was a part of the school’s singing team, and she has participated in multiple singing competitions. Besides her education, she used to record her own singing videos and upload them on her social media profiles.

One day, her video went viral, and she started receiving followers and subscribers from all over America. This was her life’s turning point, and after that, she never looked back.

Career and Achievements

Tokyo is an emerging star in the music industry, so her career is not that long. But, it is full of success; that is why music critics predicted her to be the next leading female rapper in the industry. Being so famous on YouTube, fans wanted to know Tokyo Vanity real name, Shantel.

Tokyo moved from Louisiana to Atlanta when she was 17 years old due to family issues she had been dealing with during high school. She later attended Georgia State University, where she studied health information systems.

During this time, Tokyo decided that music was something she truly wanted to pursue professionally, so she started taking it more seriously than ever before.

She is best known for her solo work but has also collaborated with other artists. She writes songs about being in love and heartbreak.

Tokyo Vanity’s career got a boost from an appearance on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and she became known for her catchphrase “That’s My Best Friend.” Since then, she has released several mixtapes, including 24 Hours of Lying and Yaasss Bish. She has collaborated with artists such as TK Kravitz, YFN Lucci, Tokyo Jetz, and K Camp.

Tokyo Vanity has been active in the music industry since 2015.

Personal Life, Family and Love Life

There is no detail about her family as she likes to keep herself low profile. She wanted to be recognized by the people only because of her contribution to the music industry. That is why she never shares her personal details on social media or in her videos.

There is a misconception about the rapper that she is from Nigeria. But, it is not clear yet, since she hadn’t revealed anything about her ethnicity, so it is wrong to imagine her as of Nigerian descent.

Besides that, there is another controversy about her that she has been gone through weight loss surgery, but it is true. She has lost a huge weight from her body by spending her time in the gym doing multiple exercises.

Another most ridiculous controversy surrounding the internet was about her pregnancy. People assumed that she was pregnant, but that was not true at all. She is not in a relationship and is not pregnant. Instead, she has never been in any relationship throughout her life.

She is also famous for her decision to be a virgin for her future husband. Once, she revealed that she was a virgin and would never have sex until she got married. Besides that, she is not in a relationship with anyone right now. So, it is safe to say that she is single and waiting for the one that will love her the way she loves herself.

Net Worth

It is believed that Tokyo Vanity’s net worth is around $1 million. It is a huge amount for a rising star, and it is also estimated that her worth will be increased in the future as she is working with some big record companies.

Tokyo Vanity Real Name: Closing Words

Tokyo Vanity real name is being searched on the internet to know her real identity. Her origin and profession also intrigue the public and fans as well as the media. She is a beautiful singer who knows how to add her own touch of glamour to her songs and stage presence.

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