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Tom Cruise Height | How Tall Is The Movie Star?

How Tall is Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer who has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades. Cruise is known for his roles in Risky Business, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and Mission: Impossible, among many others. In this report, I will cover everything on Tom Cruise height, weight, age, net worth, career, his Oscars, and his personal life.

Tom Cruise Height

Tom Cruise is 5’7″ tall. While this height may be on the shorter side for a man, Cruise has made a name for himself in Hollywood by utilizing his talents and working harder than anyone else in the industry.

Cruise’s Early Life

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York, on July 3, 1962. Cruise formed a band when he was 14 years old and also enjoyed playing sports like soccer and hockey. After graduating from high school, Cruise enrolled at the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Ohio.

He later moved to Los Angeles, where he pursued an acting career by attending several theater classes and acting schools. Cruise attempted to get small roles on several television shows and movies and was even featured in a few cheesecake photos of the time that were published in various men’s magazines.

Cruise went through several years of rejection before finally landing his breakthrough role in Risky Business (1983). The success of the movie helped him land other roles in which he portrayed characters that were confident and full of spunk.

After Risky Business, Cruise received several other movie roles, including Top Gun (1986), The Color of Money (1986), Rain Man (1988), Days of Thunder (1990), and Far and Away (1992).

Tom Cruise Weight

Cruise weighs around 143 pounds, which is on the lighter side. Again, Cruise has made a name for himself in Hollywood not so much based on his physical appearance but with his acting talent and drive to be one of the best in business.

Tom Cruise Age

Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, so he is currently 56 years old (as of published date).

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Cruise’s net worth is estimated to be around $550 million, making him one of the richest actors in the world. This wealth comes from Cruise’s successful career as an actor but also as a producer.


Tom Cruise began his acting career in 1981 and has been a mainstay in Hollywood ever since. Cruise has been in several blockbuster hits and received several awards for his roles in movies such as Top Gun, The Color of Money, Rain Man, A Few Good Men, and Jerry Maguire.

Cruise’s production company is also a well-known entity responsible for creating many successful movies.

Tom Cruise Height from a physical standpoint is short but from his acting career he has reached all the heights of success in Hollywood.

Cruise became quite popular when he played the role of a fighter pilot in his first major film, Top Gun. His character was not affected by any fear, and this is what made him so popular among the people. 

His performance in this movie was excellent, but unfortunately, he had to pass through a tough time after this movie because he could not get any roles of interest to him.

In 1992, he starred in a movie called A Few Good Men, and this was where his career graph started to rise.  This is also the movie where he met Nicole Kidman, and the two of them started dating each other after the movie got released. They then got married in 1990 and had children together.

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and has starred in many blockbuster movies. Cruise’s production company is also a well-known entity that is responsible for the creation of many successful movies.

Achievements and Awards

Cruise has won several awards throughout his career, including three Golden Globe Awards.  Cruise has also been named Empire’s Top Male Actor on the “Top 100 Movie Stars of All-Time” list.

Personal Life

Cruise married actress Katie Holmes in 2006 but they ended their marriage in 2012. Before marrying Holmes, Cruise was previously married to actress Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001, after divorcing from Mimi Rogers who he was married to from 1987 to 1990.

Cruise is known for being a devout Scientologist and has been criticized by the media for his outspoken support of the religion.

Tom Cruise’s Children

Tom Cruise has three children.  Their names are Isabella (Bella) Cruise, Connor Antony Cruise, and Suri Cruise. He loves spending time with his children.

Isabella Cruise is the first daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and they adopted her from the Church as her real parents weren’t able to take care of another child.

Tom and Nicole also adopted Connor Cruise in 1995 and made him their son. He is now also an actor.

Suri Cruise is the only biological child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She was born in 2006, and she is also an actor now.

Where Does Tom Cruise Live?

Cruise is currently living in Florida, where he owns a multimillion-dollar two-story penthouse at SkyView Condominium, which is a few blocks away from the Church of Scientology’s headquarters in downtown Clearwater.

What Diseases Does He Have?

He had dyslexia when he was young and he spent his childhood hiding this disease from his peers. He found out about this disease at the age of 7, and he was not able to concentrate and read in school. When he got his first role in the movie, he sorted things out and overcame the problem.

Tom Cruise Height: Is He Really 5’7?

One of the most frequent questions that fans ask about the actor is related to his physical appearance. Many people are surprised to learn that Tom Cruise Height is only 5’7″, as he often appears much taller onscreen.

In fact, many people have speculated that Cruise uses camera tricks and special effects to make himself look taller than he actually is. However, Cruise has never confirmed any of these rumors, and many people remain skeptical about this possibility.


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