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Trino Marin Wife Maria, Age, Family, Relationships, Net Worth, And More

Trino Marin ex-husband of Jenni Rivrera

Trino Marin is an American-Mexican businessman who rose to fame when he got married to television star Jenni Rivera. He was a schoolfellow of Jenni, and they both fell in love with each other during their school days. Because he is the ex-husband of Jenni, people are searching to learn more about Trino Marin wife Maria.

She is a mysterious personality, so let’s get to know about her in detail.

Trino Marin Wife Maria

There are rumors spreading on the internet world that Trino Marin got married again and his wife’s name is Maria. People started to believe this news, but they don’t know that Trino is currently in jail and sentenced to 31 years in prison.

So, how can he get married while being in jail? So, these are just rumors, and there is nothing true in them.

Date of Birth and Age

Trino Marin was born on 15th February 1964 in an unknown area of Mexico. As of now, he is 58 years old and making time in jail. According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Height, Weight and Looks

Trino Marin is 5 feet 10 inches which is equal to 178 cm or 1.78 meters. His weight is nearly 78 kg which is equal to 172 pounds.

He is a tall, dark, and handsome man, which is why Jenni Rivera fell in love with him. He was quite famous among females due to his attractive looks, and it is believed that he divorced because of his flirting nature.

Trino Marin’s Early Life and Education

Trino Marin was born into a large family in a Mexican city. He lived with his parents, siblings, and grandparents, all in a small house that his father built in his early life. Despite their humble circumstances, Trino’s family ensured that he had every opportunity to succeed.

Trino Marin Wife Maria

That is why his parents invested in his education, and he went to an unknown local middle school. He was very good at his studies, and that is why he got a scholarship to study at Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

During his schooling, he used to work in a restaurant in his spare time to earn a living. This influenced him to choose restaurant management as a profession, and he began to lose interest in his studies.

That is why he got demoted in his final years in school, but he didn’t leave his restaurant job. There is no other information about his education, and no one knows whether he completed his high school or not.

He chose restaurant management as a full-time career and started working in several places. But, fate had decided something better for him. He got married to television star Jenni Rivera, and she helped him start his acting career.

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She initially helped him get some acting jobs, but viewers didn’t like his performance, which is why he left the business.

Business, Career, and Achievements

Trino Marin is not a well-known personality. People know him because of his late ex-wife Jenni Rivera. She was a true goddess of television and had millions of fans following around the globe. But, after the couple got divorced, there was continuous news popping that Trino Marin got married to a so-called Maria. That is why people got curious to know more about Trino Marin wife Maria.

But, they don’t know that it’s not true; he didn’t get married because he is in jail due to serious sexual harassment cases.

Trino Marin didn’t enjoy enough career to be discussed, but he landed some small acting jobs in the movies and television shows. But, people didn’t like his acting, and they didn’t praise him. The only reason behind his failed acting career is his ex-wife.

People were in love with her, and when they got divorced, Jenni’s fans hated him because he cheated on Jenni with several other women.

This is why he didn’t succeed in landing big acting roles and instead enjoyed some side acting roles in B class movies and television shows that no one watched anyway!

So, he started working in a restaurant as an assistant administrative and moved on with his life. While at the job, he used to sexually assault fellow workers and force them to be physical because he had the power.

He was caught red-handed, and right now, he is in jail for the next 31 years.


His first and the most popular relationship started when he was just a teen studying in high school. Trino and Jenni fell in love with each other and started a romantic relationship. They got married in 1984 and started living their life together. But, their marriage didn’t work, and they ended up divorcing each other in 1992.

After that, Jenni and other women made several allegations about his character, but he didn’t admit them until he got arrested for sexually molesting a girl in his restaurant.

He also sexually assaulted his own daughter Chiquis Rivera and her friends too. But thank god he is in jail and can’t harass other women.

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Trino Marin didn’t marry after divorcing Jenni in 1992. They had three children together whose names are:

  • Chiquis Rivera (Elder Daughter)
  • Jacqie Campos (Second Daughter)
  • Michael Marín Rivera (Younger Son)

Trino Marin’s Net Worth

Trino Marin is not as wealthy a well know personality would be expected to. That is why his net worth is around $600,000, and he has earned this money from his acting career. Besides that, he was involved in some businesses, which also contributed a bit to his modest fortune.

Trino Marin Wife Maria: Conclusion

There were rumors about Trino Marin wife Maria, and people started to believe that he had gotten married a second time. But there is no truth to the rumor, and he is down to living a miserable behind bars for the next 3 decades. In addition, he is not able to make further harm to women out there.


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