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Tubbo Real Name | Personal Life, Net Worth and Surprising Facts!

What Is Tubbo's real name

Tubbo is an English gamer who is famous on social media because of his Minecraft streaming videos on Twitch and YouTube. His gaming streaming videos have earned him millions of followers and views on YouTube and Twitch. Let’s talk about Tubbo real name, age, height, weight, net worth, career, and all his life details.

Tubbo Real Name

The real name of Tubbo is Toby Smith. In the world of the internet, especially gaming, he is known as Tubbo, and he seems very proud of his name as well.

Early Life

Toby Smith was born on December 23, 2003, in England, and he has dyslexia. Toby Smith is the older brother of two beautiful sisters, Teagan and Lani Smith. He developed his interest in trampolining at a young age while growing up with them before eventually shifting focus onto gaming, social media and channels like YouTube and Twitch. He also went on to become an international trampolinist but then decided that Minecraft would make an excellent showcase and so far, it has been!

Tubbo’s Parents

As of today, the details about his parents are unknown, and the reason is that he has not revealedany information on his platforms or otherwise. Her sisters are known because one of them, Lani, is also an English Gaming Twitch streamer.


Being Born on 23rd Dec 2003, Tobby is now 18 years old at date of publication and has bult tremendous fame at such a young age.

Zodiac Sign

You can clearly see that being born on 23rd December makes him Capricorn, and this sign portray people that are observant, serious about life, and career-oriented. You can observe all these traits in Tubbo as well.


Tubbo is not too slim or too fat so fat. His current weight hasn’t been disclosed by him yet, but there are estimates and some stats which show that he is around 65 kilograms or 143 lbs.


He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and hence is perfect in height to carry out his gaming profession without any hindrance.

Tubbo Real Name

Tubbo Net Worth

As you know, Tubbo is a YouTuber and Twitcher, so his main sources of income are through these two platforms. His net worth is estimated to be between around $2 million.

Tubbo’s Career

Tubbo created a YouTube channel under the name Blue Turtle to begin his career. His videos featured Minecraft, but the channel received no views. Thus, Toby decided to discontinue making videos on his YouTube channel in October of that year.

The following month he created a new channel on YouTube. Tubbo’s first video on the channel, however, was uploaded in September 2019. His Twitch channel was also launched at that time. The YouTube channel hosts live videos and highlights of his Twitch streams.

His Twitch stream has over 4.7 million followers and his YouTube channel 3 million subscribers, but it all started with just a few hundred people watching him play Minecraft on SMPEarth back in 2020 when he first joined the server. He is a good friend with famous and top Minecraft gamers, Tommyinnit JackmanifoldTV, etc

Finally, he has begun a music career as well. He had the talent and love for the music already, but now he has stepped into this field as well, and he has released his first-ever track, “Life by the Sea,” on 27th August 2021.

Tubbo’s Personal Life

I have already discussed Tubbo real name, his parents, and his siblings. Now let’s dive deeper into his personal life.

Lani Smith is a gaming Twitch streamer, and she is just 14 years old, having above 500k followers on Twitch. Smith also has 518k+ followers on Twitter and 332k+ followers on Instagram. Lani is pretty much in his brother’s footsteps.

She posts Minecraft videos and lip-syncs, and it is estimated that her net worth is above $100k. Lani is surely going to be as famous and wealthy than her brother.

Tubbo’s other sister is too young for all of this; hence there are no details about her yet.

Tubbo’s Recent Activities

Tubbo has visited the United States in November 2021 to meet other content creators like him. Toby spent a few weeks there and uploaded his videos too about his trip. He and other content creators stayed in California, and then they went to Florida via private jet.

Toby also hosted a charity stream with other content creators.

In August 2021, he has released his first-ever single as well, which has received over 12 million views on YouTube. It has over 16 million streams on Spotify too. So, you can see that he is not just a gamer; he is also a brilliant singer.

Dating and Relationship

If we want to talk about his dating and relationship life, the info is rather slim, and has never shared it with anyone yet. He seems to be focused on his career instead of going into any sort of relationship.

Some Surprising Facts About Tubbo

  • Tubo belongs to the white ethnicity and is Christian by religion.
  • His eye color is blue, and his hairs are brown, which he prefers to fall on his forehead
  • His skin tone is pale.
  • The first ever video on YouTube was titled “What It’s Like Starting out on Hypixel Skyblock.”
  • He feels uncomfortable when those people call him by his first name, Toby, who does not know him at all.
  • In December 2020, Tubbo won a $100,000 Minecraft gift card contest sponsored by MrBeast (see our story on Where Does MrBeast Live).
  • In August 2021, he was banned from the chat of his own Twitch stream for a short time, and it was just a glitch in the system, but it really made the scene.
  • Tubbo loves bees, strange? Yeah, but it is true.
  • Her sister, Lani, can be frequently seen in his vlogs.
  • Tubbo is a pet lover, especially cats, and he has one named Rocky.
  • He also loves traveling as he has visited many parts of his country and recently he visited America
  • Received his Gold play button from YouTube in March 2021
  • Streams not only Minecraft games but also Valorant, Crab Game, Bloons TD 6, etc.
  • Loves book reading, playing games, photography, and surfing on the internet.

Tubbo Real Name: The Final Touch

The future holds a lot for Tubbo, and there is a lot to come for him. His subscribers and his followers are increasing day by day. Tubbo real name, Toby Smith, is a young generation’s role model and young gamers follow him because of his real skill and talent.

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