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Where Does Braydon Price Live? Age, Family, Earnings and Net Worth

Braydon Price Age

Braydon Price is a popular YouTuber who is known for his recreation videos. He has been making YouTube videos since he was only 13 years old, and right now, he has more than 1.5 million subscribers. He is considered one of the most successful YouTubers because each video gets more than a million views. Being a famous YouTuber, he has thousands of fans who are curious to know where does Braydon Price live.

In order to help them, here is a complete biography that includes Braydon Price’s biography, age, family, girlfriend, YouTube earnings, net worth, etc.

So, let’s get started.

Where Does Braydon Price Live?

Braydon lives in an unknown location in North Carolina. His fans are wondering where he lives as he records most of his videos in multiple different places, which makes his fans curious about his residence.

Right now, we don’t know exactly where his residence is, but it is believed that he lives with his girlfriend in an apartment in North Carolina.

Braydon Price’s Birthday, Age, and Birth Place

Braydon Price was born on the 24th of August, 2000, and as of 2022, he is almost 22 years old. He was born and grew up in North Carolina.

Where Does Braydon Price Live

Braydon’s Height, Weight, and Appearance

Brayson Price’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, which is equal to 1.68 meters or 168 centimeters. He is a little bit taller than an average American.

He weighs nearly 75 kg, which is equal to 165 pounds. He is overweight as compared to his height and weight. Braydon is not a fitness guy as he enjoys most of the time outdoor with his friends, eating whatever they like.

Early Life

Braydon Price has a very private life, and that is why he has never spoken about his family. What we do know is that he has mixed multiracial ethnicity. He was born in North Carolina, but he grew up in different locations with both his parents because of their jobs.

Braydon Price grew up in a family of four. He spent most of his childhood days with his parents and siblings. Until now, he has never revealed the identity of his parents and siblings. He is very secretive when it comes to his family.

When he reached his first school, he was in love with bikes and other amazing vehicles. Riding them was his passion, and that is why he joined different biking and auto societies and groups in high school.

He completed his schooling at a local school in North Carolina. He always wanted to be a bike rider and racer during his school days, but later on, his perspective changed, and he started making videos on different dirt bikes.

He immediately turns his camera ON whenever he sees someone’s bike. This led him to YouTube, where he started making bike and other informative vehicle videos. He is one of the oldest and the number 1 outdoor recreation videos YouTuber.


Braydon Price started making YouTube videos when he was only 13 years old. That was in mid-2013, and ever since then, he has been regularly uploading to his channel. Being one of the earliest YouTuber, fans are always wondering about his personal life. That is why they are curious to know where does Braydon Price live and how he started his career.

In 2016, his videos started getting millions of views, and he became famous for his daring stunts, his personal life, and even had a run-in with the law.

He is mostly known for his pranks on the other members of the Hype House, which is a group of content creators who all live together in a mansion.

Braydon is a self-made social media influencer because he established a unique personality with his unique content. When he started YouTube, no one was making automotive or recreation videos, which is why he got famous in a few months.

Right now, he has 1.55 million subscribers on YouTube, 299k followers on Instagram, and 10.3 million followers on TikTok. He is quite famous in teens and youngs as his videos are full of entertainment and information. This fascinates his fans, and they just love him because of his amazing personality.

Personal Life

Braydon doesn’t share much about his personal life with his fans, which is why there are many controversies and rumors about him.

Braydon Price has a girlfriend named Maddie. They have been in a relationship for some years, and Braydon revealed their relationship in 2019. He made a video with Maddie and introduced her to his fans as his girlfriend, with whom he is madly in love.

After that video, his fans searched more about her, but they never found anything because she is not a known personality, and Braydon only revealed her name. So, it was impossible to learn more about her.

The first controversy about Braydon and his girlfriend was started when fake news came out that Braydon tried to kill Maddie while he was high on drugs. This news is not true because Braydon didn’t do drugs and is in love with Maddie.

After that, another rumor started that Braydon and Maddie are not dating anymore and separated, but this is again not true. The couple is dating, and there is no official news of their breakup.

Braydon Price’s Net Worth

Braydon Price’s net worth is more than $1.6 million. He is a millionaire at the age of just 22 and earns more than $10,000 a month from YouTube. Besides, he is also famous on other social media platforms. Different brands approach him for promotion, and he also earns a big amount from them.

Where Does Braydon Price Live? Final Words

Braydon Price enjoys a huge fan following as a famous YouTube and social media personality. And some hardcore fans go as far as wanting to know where does Braydon Price live.

They just want to meet him and see his bikes and vehicle collection. But Braydon likes to be low profile, which is why no one knows where he lives.


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