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Where Does PewDiePie Live? His Real Name, Age, Wife and Net Worth

PewDiePie Real Name

PewDiePie is a popular YouTuber who uploads videos of himself playing and commenting on video games. PewDiePie became interested in YouTube after watching other gamers share footage of themselves while playing. He started his own YouTube channel in April of 2010 and his first video was a commentary over footage of the game “Amnesia”. In this story, I will unveil where does Pewdiepie live and will also cover information on his height, age, weight, net worth, and discuss why he is so famous? So let’s get started!

Where Does PewDiePie Live?

PewDiePie is basically from Sweden, but he has been traveling a lot during the past few months. However, his place of residence is in Brighton, England, and right now, he lives there, where he tied the knot with Marzia.

Why Did PewDiePie Leave Sweden?

PewDiePie came to England because he wanted neutral ground for him and his wife (CutiePie). They could not settle in Italy, nor can they live in Sweden. He said that he and his wife were too lazy to learn Swedish or Italian, so they moved to a common ground. They wanted to move to England but not to a big city like London, so they went to Brighton.

Are PewDiePie and CutiePie Still Together?

Yes, the famous Italian social media personality and a businesswoman, CutiePie (Marzia Kjellberg), got married to the famous social media star PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) in 2019, and since then, they have been living happily together.

Their relationship was kept a secret for quite some time because people used to think that both of them were just friends. However, after being in a long-term relationship, they finally confirmed that they were dating each other.

PewDiePie was able to keep his relationship out of the media for five years before someone recognized them in public and reported it. He finally decided to come clean about their love and finally got married on the 19th of August 2019.

PewDiePie Age

PewDiePie was born on 24th October 1989 in Guthenberg, Sweden. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and as of today, he is 32 years old.

He is working on a very successful career and at such a young age, he has a lot more yet to come.

Height and Weight

PewDiePie claims to be 5 feet and 11 inches tall, which is equal to 180cm, but he has been seen with many other people whose heights are known, and his real height could be 5’9″ or 5’10”. That is what his fans have observed and reported.

PewDiePie is not an overweight guy. He seems very fit and healthy and puts around 75 kilograms on the weigh scale.

PewDiePie Parents and Education

PewDiePie went to Göteborgs Högre Samskola school in his early education days.  After that, he studied at the Chalmers University of Technology and got his degree in Industrial Economics & Technology Management.

He didn’t pursue the program and dropped it because he thought studying was too boring.

His father’s name is Ulf Christian Kjellberg, who is the chief executive of a private company. His mother’s name is Lotta Kristin Johana, who is a former KappAhl CIO.

Because of his Swedish origin, the fact that the couple has place in Japan and also a house in England, it’s quite normal for fans to ask where does PewDiePie live now!

PewDiePie’s YouTube Story

By the age of 32, PewDiePie has become one of YouTube’s biggest success stories. When he uploaded his first video on YouTube in 2010, no one had any clue that the Swedish gamer would go on to become a multi-millionaire with over 111 million subscribers. As of 2017, PewDiePie is part of a small group of people who have made over $40 million on YouTube.

Famous for his unique personality, PewDiePie has shown the world that you don’t need to be a Hollywood celebrity or movie star to rake in millions of dollars …. Yeah …. anyone can do it. With the right attitude and dedication, becoming an internet sensation is possible.

His Social Media Secret

The secret to PewDiePie’s success is his ability to connect with the audience. His videos are filled with crude humor, which can easily be identified by teenagers. However, this aspect of his videos has also drawn criticism from various media outlets for being inappropriate and offensive.

Some of PewDiePie’s most popular videos include “Bitch Lasagna”, “Congratulations” and “A Funny Montage”.

However, his success did not happen overnight. He created his channel before 2010 named “PewDie” but then he lost the password of that channel, and then he created a new channel and started to work again from scratch. That channel is “PewDiePie” which is the basis of immense success.

Awards and Achievements

PewDiePie won 2 awards in 2014 during Starcount Social awards. He also won an award at the 5th Short Awards. In the next year, he also was recognized at the Golden Joy Stick and Teen Choice Awards.

 In the 5th Streamy Awards of 2015, he won the Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series Award.

PewDiePie Net Worth

As of 2022, PewDiePie has an estimated net worth of $40 million. He earns somewhere between $140,000 and $1.4 million per month on YouTube alone. However, this is not his entire source of income. He also makes money from merchandising, sponsorships, and brand deals.

Recent Events

PewDiePie had a house in Japan which was the couple’s dream house. It was broken in and the robbers took 90% of their valuables. The news was shared by Marzia, and they were in a state of shock after that incident.

Back in 2019, their house in Brighton was flooded because of the rain. CutiePie shared the photos of their house on her Instagram account, and she was praying for the rain to stop as their whole garden was flooded and the water was entering their house.

She also mentioned that the water sewage system was contributing to the flooding of their house and that she was not able to get any help.

Where Does PewDiePie Live? Final Words

PewDiePie’s channel is the most subscribed channel in the history of YouTube. He has gained a lot of popularity and money through his YouTube channel, and I have covered every aspect of his life, including where does PewDiePie live now and what he has been doing in the past.

Keep coming back for more news and updates about the social media star!

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