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Yeonmi Park Husband | Her Struggles, Life and Net Worth

Yeonmi Park Net Worth

Yeonmi Park is a well-known North Korea-based activist, author, speaker, and YouTuber. She is very active in promoting change in North Korea. She has been interviewed by many important and popular magazines … the Washington Post, and 60 Minutes Australia, to name a few. Our story is Yeonmi Park husband, her age, height, weight, family, career, net worth and the challenges she faces, and a lot of other unkwon facts. So let’s begin.

Yeonmi Park Husband

Yeonmi Park married Ezekiel Charlesworth, whose age is unknown, on January 4, 2017. However, there are reports that they gote married earlier. Regardless of the date, Yeonmi celebrated the couple’s third wedding anniversary on January 4, 2020, via a touching Facebook post, and her words were something like, “I am three years married already! Time goes by so fast. I hope someday to bring my American husband home with me and introduce him to my friends and relatives (if they are still alive) and celebrate this holiday season like everyone else.”

However, the recent updates are that she is not married anymore. In a recent Instagram video, Yeonmi confirmed that she and Ezekiel have officially parted ways. She hasn’t said much about their separation on social media yet, but you can find mention of it in one of her YouTube videos released in early 2021.

Date of birth

Yeonmi was born on the 4th day of October, 1993, in North Korea. She and her family escaped from her country after surviving a horrifying experience. As of today, she is 29 and lives in Chicago.

Height & Weight

Many sources claim that her height is around 5 feet 6-7 inches, which is 172 centimeters.

Yeonmi’s weight is around 52 kilograms which is equal to 114 pounds. Her body is slim, and if we compare her with the average North Korea’s women, she seems to be matching it. Yeonmi is beautiful as well as in perfect physical shape.

Early Life

The life of Yeonmi Park is an interesting and compelling story. She was born in Ryanggang, North Korea, to a father who later was arrested and jailed for smuggling goods across the border into China. Her mother is a professional nurse working for soldiers in the South Korea’s army hospital system.

They assist with medical care within their country during wartime conditions which include providing emergency medicine when necessary due to the lack or inability of local doctors, as too many have died.


Yeonmi Park is a well-schooled lady. She attended local schools for her formal education and then went on to do a higher education program at Dongguk University, where she earned the degree in Arts with a concentration in Human Rights Studies from Barnard College as well as Columbia’s School For General Studies. In NYC.

Personal Life

As stated above, she married Ezekiel in 2017 and then got divorced. She has a son named James, who was born on October 8, 2018. Their kid was not an obstacle in Yeonmi Park husband engaging in divorce procedings.

Yeonmi Park and the North Korean Defectors

While many people are unaware of what goes on in North Korea, Yeonmi Park is one who has spoken up for those that suffer from President Kim’s regime. She worked tirelessly to bring attention and criticism to all things wrong with this country, especially human trafficking, which she says “is like an epidemic.”

Yeonmi Park first became interested in human rights when she saw how it worked in other countries. After she spoke at the World Summit in Ireland, more people became familiar with her story.

She talked about how she escaped from North Korea, the things traffickers did to her, and how her life is now. Park has also written a book called “In Order To Live; A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. She has been featured in a movie called While They Watched.

Yeonmi Park Husband

She is one of the top defectors of North Korea. Some North Korean defectors live in hiding, but most now have a voice and share their stories to raise awareness about human right violations under Kim Jong Un’s regime. There are a total of 300,000 defectors from North Korea who left their country and sought refuge in other countries.

The foundation of this movement was initiated by Thae Yong-ho, who was the very first North Korean Defector.

Yeonmi Park Net Worth

Yeonmi Park has built a comfortable life for herself and her family. Thanks to the capital she has built from being a professional activist. Yeonmi’s net worth as of date of publication of this story is in the $1 to $5M range.

Facts About Yeonmi Park

  • Despite being Korean, she is now a citizen of the United States.
  • She has 343k followers on her Instagram account, 258k followers on her Facebook page, and 880k subscribers on her Youtube Channel.
  • She loves traveling and has been to Paris, as an example.
  • A profile of her appeared on BBC 100 Women in 2014.
  • In February 2009, she and her mother set out on foot through the Gobi Desert in search of asylum from local diplomats.

Yeonmi Park Husband: Last Words

The life of Yeonmi Park is a fascinating story, no doubt. She has faced a lot of challenges in her life and ended up being famous for her activist efforts.

Her struggles are still important, including with her love life. Yeonmi Park husband was not able to put up with her past and present struggles and they got divorced. But, she is a woman of steel and continues to prove her strength and capabilities in all phases of her life.

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