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YK Osiris Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Son, Plus More

How Much is YK Osiris Worth

Yk Orisis is an American rapper and R&B vocalist. He started his success journey when he dropped his first two songs; I’m Next (Freestyle) and Valentine. These two songs drew a million subscribers on his YT channel. As a result, he got a contract from Def Jam, a music label company.  His fan following is hungry to learn about his personal life and ask about YK Osiris net worth, age, height, son, girlfriend, etc. etc.

YK Osiris Net Worth

Osiris’s net worth is roughly $ 2 million, which he has earned from his hard work in the music industry.

Birthdate and Age

YK Osiris was born on the 7th of September 1998 in Florida. As of now, he is just 23 years old, turning 24 very soon!

What’s his Zodiac Sign?

The rapper is a Virgo, and he has the personality of a calm, reliable, and detail-oriented individual. He likes to take care of things in an organized way, which makes him great at planning and executing his music projects.

He’s very methodical; he can’t just start something without having all the steps laid out first. That’s why he got famous at such a young age.

When it comes to relationships, Osiris isn’t one for romance; he prefers to focus on business first, which is why he has not had any successful relationship so far. Besides, he loves being around people who make him feel valued. So if you are looking for a friend who always has your back, look no further than YK Osiris!

YK Osiris’ Real Name

YK Osiris real name is Osiris Jahkail Williams. This name was given by his parents and grandparents, but he just changed his name to YK Osiris due to the ritual of the American Music Industry.

YK Osiris net worth

Height and Weight

Osiris’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, equal to 175 cm or 1.75 meters. Osiris is a great looking man and a fabulous body. Osiris’s weight is 75 kg which is equal to 165 lbs. He is also into fitness and follows a healthy lifestyle.

Early Life, Family and Education

YK Osiris was born and brought up in Florida where his parents settled due to their professional life. He has spent his childhood and teenage days with his parents. His Mother’s name is Tumeca, and she is a hairstylist.

Yk has seven siblings, a brother, and six sisters. He belongs to an African family where both of his parents are black.

He has been interested in music since his childhood. Osiris’s interest was not in studies, so he did not get too far in academics,

At a failrly young age, YK realized that he was made for music, and music is his passion, so he decided to pursue it as a career. He grew up listening to some significant old-school artists such as Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson.

At the age of 17, Osiris came up with his first album. People started liking his music, and some of his songs went viral almost overnight and he ended up with a million subscribers on Youtube in just a few months.

So, this was the beginning of his career.

Career and Hits

YK Osiris is one of the emerging stars of America’s music industry. YK Osiris net worth is already significant because he started at such a young age and has landed a number of music hits.

To date, he has released 3 music albums:

  • The Golden Child
  • Valentine
  • King of R and B

In addition, he has released multiple songs, and some of them are:

  • Worth It
  • Valentine
  • Leave Me On Read
  • Ride
  • Money Keep Coming
  • Freaky Dancer
  • Run it Up
  • Fake No Mo
  • Everything You Do

YK Osiris’ Son

YK Osiris has a son named Kingston, who is 3-4 years old. No one knows much about his son and the identity of the mother. He regularly shares photos on his own social media accounts but does not share any information about his family.

In 2019, he was arrested due to abusing and biting his girlfriend. Some people are assuming that the girl was his girlfriend and the mother of his son. But this assumption has never been confirmed.

His Relationship with Lil Baby

In an Atlanta jewelry store, Lil Baby got into an argument with YK over a $5000 debt owed to her by YK. The discussion between the two singers got heated.

Lil Baby finaly told Osiris that he would wait for YK to cash in on his next hit and the argument was quickly resolved.

YK Osiris’ Tattoos

Osiris has a total of three tattoos on his body. He has a tattoo named Child on his Left Bicep. The second one is named Loyalty that is located on his left forearm. And his third tattoo is a big rose with the word Tumeca on his right forearm. Tumeca is his mother’s name, so he got this tattoo in her honour.

Girlfriend and Relationships

YK got into a relationship with a singer named Dream Doll in 2019. They both were in a close relationship and posted a lo of pictures with each other on social media. But after some time, they parted ways. Both of them did not share the reason for their breakup.

Later, a rumor popped up that the young rapper was dating singer Anna Marie, but they never confirmed the relationship.

Right now, he is not dating anyone. So, it is safe to assume he is single and concentrating on his career.

YK Osiris Net Worth: Final Words

YK Osiris is a successful young rapper and singer. When Osiris started to learn music, he became interested in old school music and classic R&B and  started composing music at a very young age.

Osiris songs are primarily about heartbreak and love, a different genre from this new age rap, which is attracting a great fanbase.

While YK Osiris net worth is decent, he is still very young and he will probably build his fortune up quiote significantly in the future, if he keeps putting up hard work.

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