Jenna Ushkowitz from ‘Glee’ is Pregnant with Her Second Child

Jenna Ushkowitz from ‘Glee’ is Pregnant with Her Second Child

The 38-year-old was on vacation in New York, visiting her family at the time when she had the intuition to take a pregnancy test. She had a Clearblue Early Digital Pregnancy Test in her closet and decided to pack it just in case. The day before they left the trip, she felt a familiar feeling and decided to take the test, which revealed that she was pregnant. She was shocked at the news, as she was already a big sister and had some understanding of babies.

Having gone through pregnancy once already, the parents were thrilled to find out they were expecting again. Tina Chang, the actress, recalled her husband’s reaction when she told him, noting that he was extremely happy and excited. They were both looking forward to their daughter becoming a big sister and expanding their family. Throughout this pregnancy, she felt more relaxed and confident compared to her first experience, as her symptoms were different.

She emphasized that every kid is different, so the journey is not the same each time. Overall, she expressed surprise at how different this pregnancy was compared to her previous one.


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