Gypsy Rose Fully Supports Her ‘True Love’ Ken Urker

Gypsy Rose Fully Supports Her ‘True Love’ Ken Urker

The text provided is about a woman who filed for divorce and followed her heart to find true love. She expressed that she made the choice as a free and independent woman, and encouraged others to follow their hearts as well.

Despite being able to enjoy married life after her partner’s release from prison, their relationship took a downfall. She admitted that she was not happy in her marriage and felt that her heart belonged elsewhere.

The couple’s arguments were documented in a docuseries about Gypsy Rose’s life after her release from prison, with one of the main reasons being her ex, Ken. Gypsy expressed some regrets about rushing into marriage while her ex was still in prison, acknowledging that living with someone is a different experience.

After filing for divorce and requesting a restraining order, Gypsy was seen rekindling her romance with Ken at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She mentioned that they share a child and that she is taking on a motherly role, despite the child not being hers.


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