Jelly Roll and Wife Bunnie XO Seek Surrogate for Having Children

Jelly Roll and Wife Bunnie XO Seek Surrogate for Having Children

Bunnie shares that she is currently in a stage of her life focused on raising a baby and tending to her garden. She was surprised by her partner’s response when he expressed a desire to have a baby with her and their conversation about it.

While her husband is eager to become a father, they intend to keep their journey private. Bunnie explained that she plans to use a surrogate for the pregnancy due to her mental well-being and previous pregnancy difficulties.

She emphasized that there is nothing wrong with having a surrogate and that she personally would struggle with carrying a baby due to past pregnancy losses. Noting her busy schedule, she mentioned that she and her partner do not have the time to go through another miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Bunnie also mentioned that they are considering the possibility of having twins, specifically twin boys, but are still undecided and are not planning on taking steps towards pregnancy until February 2025.


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