Chappell Roan meets Elton John for a night of “Laughter”: Photo on Hollywood Life

Chappell Roan meets Elton John for a night of “Laughter”: Photo on Hollywood Life

Elton John, 77, was seen seated with 26-year-old singer Chappell during a photo, with his arm around her. He expressed his affection for her with the words “Love her, love her, love her,” accompanied by rocket, heart, and rainbow emojis. In the picture, Elton was dressed in a blue jumpsuit, red sneakers, and rose-tinted glasses, while Chappell wore a black sweater and long skirt, emphasizing her now-iconic red hair.

In the caption, Elton revealed that they had a wonderful night getting to know each other and having dinner, calling it “The BEST evening of pizza and outrageous laughter” with Chappell. Elton is not the only celebrity to publicly show appreciation for Chappell, who has been described as “Your favorite artist’s favorite artist.” Chappell has recently spoken about her rapid rise in the music industry in a TikTok video, expressing her excitement at receiving support from the artists she has looked up to.

She mentioned the support from other female artists in the pop industry, emphasizing the positivity of having people she admires reach out and offer help, saying, “It’s just sick, and it makes me believe in the world.”


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