Lily Allen reveals she declines her husband’s advances in bed

Lily Allen reveals she declines her husband’s advances in bed

The conversation was sparked by the podcast’s episode focused on the theme of “kink”. A listener asked if the podcast’s co-host, Miquita, and the 39-year-old singer and actress, have ever “kink-shamed” anyone.

The actress candidly revealed her past experimentation and openness, including having had sexual relationships with female sex workers, expressing her commitment to normalizing aspects that people are often ashamed of. She then reflected on her relationship with her 49-year-old American actor husband, expressing uncertainty about whether she might in turn “kink-shame” him by refusing his requests at times, albeit in a light-hearted manner.

She attributed her limited promiscuity in part to her sobriety, noting the influence of alcohol on her past behavior and her people-pleasing tendencies driven by a fear of abandonment. The singer emphasized how her five years of sobriety have positively impacted various aspects of her life, and credited it for the improvements in her relationships and her daughters’ well-being, mentioning that it is a top item on her gratitude list every night.

She also acknowledged the role of sobriety in her divorce from her ex-husband and in her current marriage and parenting.


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