Ariana Grande Faces Criticism from Families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims

Ariana Grande Faces Criticism from Families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims

Ariana Grande recently spoke about her past fascination with serial killers, recalling an incident where she expressed intrigue about meeting Jeffrey Dahmer. She mentioned this during a podcast, prompting strong reactions from the public and the families of Dahmer’s victims. Granda’s comments were met with disapproval from the victims’ families, who found them disturbing and insensitive.

They expressed their disappointment with Grande’s lack of empathy toward the victims and their loved ones. They also criticized her for seemingly glamorizing Dahmer’s heinous acts and demanded an apology from the singer. Shirley, a family member of one of Dahmer’s victims, voiced her distress over hearing the killer’s name being casually mentioned in public.

She emphasized the pain it causes to the victims’ families and stressed the importance of showing respect and sensitivity when discussing such tragedies. Shirley also condemned Grande’s lack of empathy and her apparent glorification of Dahmer. Additionally, Tony’s sister, Barbara Hughes, echoed these sentiments and called for Grande to apologize for her remarks.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer who committed gruesome acts of violence, was found guilty of murdering 17 men and children between 1978 and 1991. His crimes included acts of cruelty such as cannibalism and dismemberment. Despite being sentenced to life in prison, Dahmer was brutally killed by fellow inmates in 1994.

The families of his victims have expressed deep pain and anguish at the public’s fascination with Dahmer’s story as it has been adapted into popular culture, and have urged for more sensitivity and respect towards the victims and their loved ones. The families have also expressed disappointment with the filmmaker, Ryan, for his controversial show that brought attention to Dahmer. They claimed that while the filmmaker had announced reaching out to the families for their input, they had not heard back from him.

This lack of communication added to the families’ frustration and fueled their call for greater respect and sensitivity in the portrayal of such tragic events.


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