Tristan Thompson Expresses Admiration for ‘Best Friend’ Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson Expresses Admiration for ‘Best Friend’ Khloe Kardashian

In a recent post, Tristan shared a family photo, marking it with the words, “You are my best friend.” in another post, he shared a picture of Khloé and his brother, Amari, referring to Khloé as “the most incredible human being I’ve ever met.” Tristan and Khloé, despite their breakup, have maintained a close friendship and co-parenting relationship.

They were in a relationship from 2016 until late 2021 when Tristan’s paternity scandal came to light. Khloé’s sisters expressed their disapproval of Tristan for hurting their sister. Recently, Tristan appeared on *The Kardashians* and emphasized his commitment to co-parenting with Khloé.

During the show, a conversation took place where someone told Tristan that he didn’t “deserve” Khloé and questioned him about his actions. Tristan admitted to feeling “disgusted” after cheating and was pressed about his reasons for doing so. Despite initial tension with her family, Khloé allowed Tristan and his brother to stay in her house while theirs was being renovated.

After he moved out, the co-parents made sure that their two kids spent time with both parents as much as possible.


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