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How Tall is Karl Jacobs? Height, Age, Relationships, Career and Net Worth

Karl Jacobs height

Karl Jacob is an American-based YouTuber, content creator, and a well-known social media personality. Jacob became famous when he collaborated with another YouTube star Mr. Beast. Jacob is known for his gaming videos and live streaming with other successful gamers. Other than YouTube, Jacob is also famous on Instagram and TikTok. So, being his fan, you must be interested to know him more personally and find out things like how tall is Karl Jacobs, what’s his net worth, his love life, etc. etc.

Let’s take a look at Karl’s life and get to know everything about him.

How Tall is Karl Jacobs?

Karl’s height is 5 feet 11 inches, equals 1.8 meters or 180 centimeters. Karl is an average height man with great looks. He weighs 60 kg, which equals 130 pounds.

Birth Date and Age

Karl was born on the 19th of July in 1998 in North Carolina. He will be turning 23 this year and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Sexual Orientations and Looks

Karl’s eye color is grey which makes him more attractive along with his brown hair color. Karl also has mild deuteranopia, which is color blindness. As a result, he is colorblind to red and green.

There were lots of controversies about Karl Jacobs’ sexual orientation because of his social media posts. But, one day, he appeared on a podcast and revealed that his sexual orientation was rapidly changing, and he thought that he was becoming Asexual.

This is a condition where a person doesn’t feel much attracted to any relationship. In simple language, such a person doesn’t get turned on easily.

But later on, he again revealed that he is not completely Asexual, but he has a feeling that it’s heading in that direction. A bit complicated I may say!

How Tall is Karl Jacobs

Early Life and Education

He has spent his childhood in North Carolina with his parents and siblings. Karl has been a funny character since his childhood, and he was also into gaming, which is why he pursued gaming further in his life. Karl is a fan of Cartoons, and that is why he spent most of his childhood watching and drawing a cartoon.

Besides that, in his childhood, his parents traveled a lot, and his sibling moved to several cities before settling down in Portland for some time.

When he was in school, he started playing e gaming championships, but there were better players in those competitions at that time, and that is why he did not pursue that path.

After that, he started a YouTube Channel and started playing different games and live streaming with his fans. This gave him much more satisfaction, and he decided to keep going.

Karl started his education at Fort Dorchester High school. After graduating from high school, he got admitted to the Portland Community College. But Karl dropped out of college just a few weeks before his graduation because he wanted to work for his mentor and favorite YouTuber, Mr. Beast.

By working with Mr. Beast, he thought he could rapidly grow his exposure on.


Karl Jacobs’ career started in 2017, and he has gained millions of fans from around the world since then. His fans have been watching him for the last 5 years, and they are curious to know so much more about him, including how tall is Karl Jacobs. Fans have been watching him since he was a teenager, and now he is in his twenties. So, being curious about his age and height, for example, is not that strange.

When Karl Jacobs got into gaming, he started on Twitch, where he was streaming his gaming videos.

In 2019 he appeared on Mr Beast’s brother’s channel MrBro where he was in a challenge video named Last to Leave Halloween Candy, winning $10,000.

After that, he became part of Mr. Beast’s Crew. As Karl was on Twitch, he became populare because of his streaming, and he gained 2.3 million followers.

 In 2020 Karl announced on Twitter that he would make a YouTube channel on which he would upload new videos.

He now has 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Karl also has 2 million subscribers on Instagram. As he was a funny kid since his childhood, and due to his hilarious comedy skills, he also started making funny videos and uploaded them on TikTok, and so he has gained over 5 million followers on that platform!


Karl Jacob is single, and he never shared his personal life on social platforms, and he never spoke about his past relationships and girlfriends. The YouTube and Twitch star is currently focused on his career.

Other Businesses

In July 2021, Karl announced on Twitter that he was starting his clothing line, and he was going to drop the release date soon. After that tweet, everything became hyped up; his fans were super excited about the merchandise.

After a short period, he opened up his clothing line with Jackets, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.

Karl Jacobs’ Net Worth

Karl Jacob’s net worth is approximately in the $2 million range. He has earned all of this through his social media platforms.

How Tall is Karl Jacobs? Wrap-up Thoughts

Karl Jacobs is one of the most liked gaming stars of this era on social media. He has been streaming different games since 2017 and has captured the attention of millions of people.

His popularity level, acquired over the last 5 years, has led fans to wanting to learn more about him and questions like how tall is Karl Jacobs have become very popular on different search platforms.

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