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How Old Is Baby Kaely? Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Zodiac Sign & More

Baby Kaely zodiac sign

Baby Kaely is an American Hip-hop singer, writer, and famous YouTuber who is well known for her extraordinary musical abilities. She is one of the youngest singers in the industry. For the first time, she gained fame with the song “EW My Name Is Zuzie.” Her album “Outta Space,” released in 2017, was a massive hit. She made a name in the music industry at a very young age. That’s why people want to know how old is Baby Kaely.

So let’s get to know more about her age, height, weight, zodiac sign, net worth, and more.

How Old Is Baby Kaely?

Baby Kaely was born on the 22nd of February 2005 in New Jersey. She recently celebrated her 17th birthday with her friends and family.

Baby Kaely’s Zodiac Sign

Baby Kaley’s zodiac sign is Pisces. People from this sign are known for being highly intuitive and empathetic, but they can also be a little sensitive and may need some time alone to recharge.

Pisces are said to be dreamers; they love daydreaming and imagining what life could be like if they were somewhere else or doing something different.

It’s important to note that while Pisces people love having fun and being creative, they can also struggle with anxiety due to their sensitive nature.

Real Name, Ethnicity, Religion

The name of Baby Kaely is Kaely. Her second name is not known. She is of Afro-American ethnicity, and her religion is Christianity.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Baby Kaely’s height is 5 feet 3 inches, equal to 160cm or 1.6 meters. She is still a teenager and may gain some inches in the upcoming years.

Baby Kaely’s weight is nearly 48 kg, equal to approximately 106 pounds. Her body measurements are 30-24-31.

Early Life and Education

Baby Kaeley is a very smart and talented girl. She was born in Newark, New Jersey, but later on, her family moved to Florida, where she attended a local school in the area. As her family moved again to another location in Florida, she enrolled in another school in Florida where she is still studying.

She is an avid reader and loves to read books about animals, especially dogs. Kaely also loves to dance and sing whenever she gets the chance.

Kaely has many friends who are very supportive of her and love her dearly. They always come over whenever they see her playing outside or walking down the street.

Besides, even as a kid, Kaeley had a big personality. She loved to laugh, sing songs with her family, and wear her favorite dresses everywhere she went. As she got older, she started taking singing classes at the local and soon fell in love with hip hop. Her mother helped her release her debut song, and she became famous after that.

Kaeley was always interested in learning new things. When she was seven years old, she started reading books about how to be a singer. A year later, when she heard about singing classes at school one day, it immediately became one of her favorite things to do.

Career and Achievements

She released her first album, “outta Space,” in 2017, and it became very popular. Right now, Kaely has 1.85 million subscribers on YouTube. It is a great achievement at a very young age. That’s why people want to know how old is Baby Kaely.

She has been passionate about music since her childhood. She used to listen to music on the radio and recite the song lyrics word by word when she was only three years old, the age at which an average child can’t speak properly.

This is very impressive, and it shows how talented she is. She opened her YouTube channel in 2010 when she was only 5 years old and started posting content. It was the start of her fame. The young singer posted her first video titled “5 years old dancing hip-hop”.

She is also a Sneaker lover and started unboxing and reviewing the Sneakers on her YT channel. Kaely showed her extraordinary rapping skills in the video song ‘EW’ by Jimmy Fallon and She is also featured in the song “Ghetto Ghetto” by

Baby Kaely also has a great fan following on other social media sites like Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram.


Some of her famous songs are:

  • Ew!
  • Ride It
  • Heaven
  • Jacked
  • Sit Back
  • Turn it Up
  • Honey Bun
  • Straight from the Jump
  • Like Me
  • Look Good
  • We Better than Me
  • Walk
  • Real People
  • By the Way
  • Put ya Handz Up


She has released 2 albums to this date:

  • Out of Space, released in 2017
  • Demo released in 2019

Family & Siblings

Baby Kaely has three brothers: Jordan, Jedan, and Justice. She has not yet revealed any information about her real name and her parents. Although she has posted pictures with her mother, she has not revealed her name.

Love Life and Boyfriend

Baby Kaely is not currently in any relationship. She is too focused on her career, which is why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Baby Kaely’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Baby Kaely’s net worth is around $500,000. Mostly, she earns her income from her YouTube channel, selling her albums, and from brand endorsement.

How Old is Baby Kaely? Closing Thoughts

Baby Kaely is one of the youngest and most talented rap singers of her young generation. She is just 17 years old and has achieved the fame that most people her age can only dream of. People love her songs and her personality. She is an inspiration for teenagers who are all wondering how old is Baby Kaely.

As we can see, she has the potential to create entertaining content and we hope there’s more coming in the future!

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