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How Old Is Skai Jackson? | Her Mother’s Role and Career Achievements

skai jackson net worth

Child star Skai Jackson played Zuri Ross in Jessie (Disney TV Series) in 2007. Later, in 2009 the actress also played lead roles in The Smurfs and The Rebound as kicking girl. After acquiring such remarkable experience, the child star made it to list of most influential Teens, as published by Times Magazine. That’s why people ask many questions about her, including how Old Is Skai Jackson?

The American Youtuber, actress, and child star in Liberty Kid has many interesting facts to inspire the fans. Scroll down to know all controversial and rumored facts about the most competitive Star “Skai Jackson.”

We are starting with the most asked!

How Old Is Skai Jackson?

The public figure appeared as a child star in Liberty Kid at the age of 5 in 2007. But often, people gossip about her age and ask how old is Skai Jackson. As a child star, she played each role with full enthusiasm and paved the path for others. Age is just a number is something evident for Skai Jackson.

Skai Jackson belongs to African-American and Afro-Honduran ancestry. She was born in New York City on April 8, 2002. Therefore, the artist with multiple traits is 19 years old at the time of publishing this story.

She is a known TV icon, the voice of many famous characters like “Summer” in the “Dragon; Rescue Riders,” a project of “DreamWorks.” She has also published her first Novel titled “Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback”.

She also was a semi-finalist in “Dancing with the Stars.” Exploring all of her potential at such a young age made her an inspiring ideal for others.

how old is skai jackson

Is Skai Jackson Related to Michael Jackson?

Her African-American background makes people mistakenly think she is connected with Michael Jackson. She may resemble the famous Dance King and share the last name but she does not have the same parents!

Linking her with Michael Jackson is merely a misconception. She is a daughter of Jacob Jackson and Kiya Cole, who have no show business background and history at all.

Role of Skai Jackson’s Mother

Her mother was the reason and a facilitator in her interest for the entertainment world. However, Is Skai Jackson Rich yet?Not quite yet!

She did make significant money with her image in the early days. The child star is immensely pretty, and her mother pushed her photos to modeling agencies. Luckily, the agencies responded, and Skai got her first Screen Appearance at the age of 9 months.

At the time, the only aim of the mother was to enable her child to become financially independent to pay her college fees.

Skai Jackson Siblings – A Twin Brother?

As already mentioned, Skai Jackson didn’t belong to a showbiz family. Therefore, her siblings are not very well known. We know but she has no brother and two sisters named Arora and Nala.

Trevor Jackson is often misunderstood as Skai’s brother. But in reality, Trevor is the son of Cam Baxter and Kevin Jackson with an elder brother Ian. He does not have a sister, and Skai Jackson does not have any brother.

The age factor is also a noticeable difference between the two stars … they simply cannot be twin siblings. Although Michael Jackson, Trevor Jackson, and Skai Jackson share the same last name, the connection stops here and any attempt to make them siblings would be pure invention.

Is Skai Jackson in a Relationship?

The stardom is a tough job! Keeping the personal aspects private is challenging for stars in showbiz, even though many stars are able to keep their private lives confidential,

Skai Jackson is one of those personalities in the entertainment business who do not play tricks over her personal life to gain popularity. Being one of the most influential child stars of Instagram, she maintains her secrecy in a dignified way.

So, from what we know, the Star is not dating anyone as she just became a teenager. Undoubtedly, the star is outspoken and can confidently voice her opinion regarding social issues over Instagram and other social media platforms. The model has no dating partner figure in life so far, and it seems she enjoys it that way.

Nevertheless, the Star was once presumed to have a relationship with Lil Keed, but she denied any such connections.

 The child star keeps her personal life under the radar and does not allow anyone to intrude into it..

Career and Achievements

The talented and naturally photogenic face was eventually destined to reach stardom. Her mother brought her to the limelight, and later she carried forward that aura of superstar. At the age of 5, she was given a life-changing chance to act in a series, and she delivered it naturally and perfectly. The child star soon becomes the talk of the town, and one after another, opportunities came to her almost effortless.

 Here is a quick review of her significant achievements to this date:


2007Liberty Kid (Destiny)
2008Rescue Me (Little Girl)
2009The Rebound (Museum Little Girl)
2011Arthur (little Girl)
2011The Smurfs (Kicking Girl)
2013G.I Joe: Relation (Roadblock’s Daughter)
2014My Dad’ Soccer Mom (Lacy Casey)


2006Sesame Street
2010Team Umizoomi
2010Royal Pains
2011Bubble Guppies

Skai Jackson Net Worth

Since childhood, Skai Jackson has been a trending star, making her one of the richest among her age group. She is not only earning through her acting roles but also getting paid for promotions and also for brand endorsement. According to, she has already built an estimated net worth of more than $500,000.

How Old is Skai Jackson? Final Word

The achievements of Skai Jackson are already quite impressive and one can’t help wonder How old is Skai Jackson.  At such a young age the net worth of the hardworking Afro-American girl is a huge milestone. Luck, skills, and extraordinary talent are the elements that made Skai Jackson successful and explain why she has become an inspiration for the next child star.

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