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Jackie Chan Daughter, Wife, Height, Religion, Net Worth, Plus More

Jackie Chan Children

Jackie Chan is a famous actor, director-choreographer, and stuntman. He is famous in Asia and America for his comical and martial art character. He has done many great films which have turned into mega hits. Chan’s fans are worldwide and they definitely want to know more of the personal side of his life, such as Jackie Chan daughter, wife, height, religion, net worth and a whole lot more!

Jackie Chan Daughter

Chan’s daughter’s name is Etta Ng Chok Lam who Jackie had from an extramarital affair in the past. Right now, reports indicate that Etta Ng is struggling in her life, and there are strong rumors that she is living her life as a homeless.

Birthdate and Age

Jackie was born on the 7th of April 1954 in Hong Kong. As of now, Jackie is 68 years old.

Jackie Chan’s Real Name

Jackie’s real name is Chan Kong Sang. He has spent his childhood and teenage days with this name. After entering the film industry, he changed his it to Jackie Chan.

Height & Weight

Jackie is an average man with a height of 5 feet 7 inches, equal to 170cm. Jackie’s weight is 65kgs which is equal to 143lbs. Jackie follows a healthy lifestyle, and he exercises daily. He is a strong person who is famous for his martial art skills.

Jackie Chan Daughter

Jackie Chan’s Zodiac Sign

Jackie Chan is a brave and true Aries. He never backs down from a challenge and is always ready to take on anything that comes his way.

As an Aries, Jackie Chan is known for being open-minded and honest.

Aries are known for their confidence, making them great at everything they try. They are also really good at speaking up for themselves, whether in a professional setting or just in life.

Aries is also known for having strong opinions about everything, making them difficult to work with sometimes. But once you get past that, you’ll find Aries are some of the most loyal friends you could ever hope to have.

Early Life and Education

He spent his childhood and teenage years with his parents. Jackie’s mother, Lee Lee chan, and Father, Charles Chan, both worked for the French Ambassador in Hong Kong.

His parents were refuges of the Chinese Civil War. Jackie was an energetic child who was always doing something. Chan got his education from a local elementary school in Hong Kong. After that, Jackie was admitted to the China Opera Institute, where he trained in Martial arts and Music. Odd combination I may say!

At the China Drama Academy, Jackie became part of a group called Seven Little Fortune. At the age of just 8, Jackie got a role in a movie called Big and Little Wong Tin Bar, and after a year, he worked in a movie called The Love Eterne.

The most interesting thing is that Jackie was also a stuntman in one of Bruce Lee’s movies. When Jackie turned 19, he got a major role as an actor, and after that, he also got a role in a comedy movie. This truly became the beginning of his movie career.

Movie Career

Jackie Chan is one of the greatest actors of this era, and he has enjoyed a very successful career. He started as a stuntman and then turned into acting, and now he is one of the most expensive and well-known actors in the business.

He has millions of fans worldwide who want to know more about Jackie Chan daughter, wife and family. People want to know more about that daughter who is struggling to get her life on track.

Religion and Ethnicity

Jackie Chan is a Buddhist, and he belongs to the Chinese ethnicity. He always said that he wants to be a role model for his children, that is why he follows religion and Chinese tradition.

Jackie’s Children

Jackie tied the knot with a Taiwanese actress named Joan Lin in 1982, and the couple has a son, Jaycee Chan. He was born the same year the couple got married. Jaycee is currently a Chinese singer and an actor as well.

Jackie had an affair with a Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, and they both have a daughter.

The news of the affair went viral on the media and turned into a scandal; according to the reports, Jackie committed to support the child but he never did, according to her lawyer. Her mother presumably ended up taking care of her daughter without Jackie.

Awards and Achievements

Jackie won the Oscar Academy Honorary Award in 2016. This was his life’s biggest achievement. Below is a sample of the awards he won over the years.

His journey to receive big awards started in 2005 when he won the Special Jury Award. During 2012 he won the award for Best Voice Ensemble in Kung Fu Panda 2; in 1999, he won the award for the best duo for his movie Rush Hour.

Come 1997 he won the award for best Asian film for his movie Drunken Master II. In 1992, he won the Best Leading Actor for his movie Police story three, and ithe year after he won one for the Crime Story film. During 2013 he won the award for the best action Choreography.

In 2002 he won the award for Favorite Male action hero for the movie Rush Hour 2 as well as the favorite male movie star. The year after, he won the award for Favorite Male for his movie Tuxedo. During 2005 he won again the award for the best action choreography, for New Police story.

In 2011 he won the award for favorite butt-kicker for his movie the Karate Kid. In 2019 he won the award of OCTA film hall of fame.

Jackie Chan’s Net Worth

Jackie’s net worth is $520 million, which he has earned entirely from his acting career.

Jackie Chan Daughter: Wrap-Up

Jackie Chan has enjoyed a successful career, but some controversies ruined his image in the industry. The biggest one was around Jackie Chan daughter, born due to his extramarital affair with a fellow actress and the way he presumably treated the child. We don’t know the real truth but the public perception is not positive.

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